10 Million People Can’t Be Wrong About WordPress

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in Web Design

by Sage

Today I stumbled upon a post at weblogtoolscollection.com that pointed me to an interesting fact: WordPress version 3 had been download over 10 million times. I was also directed to an interesting tool: The WordPress Download Counter. This counter shows the number of times WordPress version 3 has been downloaded. It does not take into account the number of downloads of previous version.

If 10 million people were jumping off a bridge, you would probably do the same.

You know the story, you ask your Mother for “blank” because Jimmy across the street has a really cool “blank.” Your Mother would then pose a question to you: “If Jimmy were to jump off a bridge would you do that to?”

Perhaps it was a lesson about being an  individual…

…or perhaps my Mother just didn’t want to shell out the cash for a “blank?” What ever the reason was I am pretty sure that if  Jimmy were to take a plunge off that bridge,  I would not follow. If I found myself on a bridge filled with 10 million people and they were all jumping off, I would most likely join them.

Is it because I am a mindless sheep?

Not at all. I am sure that if 10 Million people were making a massive exodus from the bridge there would be a really good reason as to why. Perhaps a velociraptor had escaped from Jurassic Park and was preparing for a meal, or it could be that Rip Taylor was chasing everyone down with a big brown bag full of glitter.

Again, If 10 Million people are doing something…

The WordPress Raptor…there is probably a really good reason why they are all doing it. I insist that WordPress be used on every project that comes across my desk. I do this for many reasons (most of which probably don’t interest you), but the most important reason is versatility. No matter a project is, I can bend WordPress to my will and have it be whatever I need it to be.

Whether it will just be a blog site, a content management system, a forum, a social site, or an ecommerce store. WordPress can do all of these things quite easily. The beauty of building a site in WordPress (aside from the user being able to have control over there website) is that all of these features can be added to an existing site with little hassle.

Take a look at your current (non WordPress )website and ask yourself if you could easily add a blog, or forum or edit your content, and then take a look at the 10 million people jumping off that bridge.