7 Tips for Tweeting Your Business

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by Sage

7 Tips for Tweeting Your Business

I get asked on a pretty regular basis “what should I tweet about”? It’s a good question and one you should be asking yourself. Here are 7 tips that will set you in the right direction for tweeting your business.

1. Share Your History

Give people some background and tweet when you make history.

2. Talk Vision and Passion

Talk about your mission, vision and passions. Offer a glimpse of what [ your company ] is all about. If you’re in the HR department, talk about what it’s like to work at [ your company ]. People want to be engaged with people that are engaging.

3. Communicate Category Insights

Use Twitter not only to talk about your company and its accomplishments but also about [ your category ]. Offering insights is a great way to demonstrate expertise while building trust and credibility.

4. Recognize Your Peers

Acknowledge the successes of others and do your best to elevate them. It’s good Karma and the people will remember it when you have something to promote.

Twitter is made up of groups of supportive individuals who want to see positive things happening and individuals winning with social media.

6. Be Responsive

As you gain more followers and your brand becomes more defined on Twitter you will find yourself using Twitter to answer questions. The immediate nature of Twitter means that it is vital to respond to replies or DMs within hours – not days. One way to leverage this is to point to more in-depth answers on your blog.

7. Ask Questions and Encourage Feedback

Twitter is an excellent source for feedback and real-time information. Ask a question and generally you will get feedback fairly quickly.

What do you like to tweet about?