9 Industries That Could Benefit from Implementing a Blog

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by Sage

This article outlines a few industries and offers a few suggestions on how you can use a blog to promote your product or service.

Read through the list and if you have any other ideas please do share!

Real Estate: Keep your clients updated in regards to the constantly changing real estate market. Creating posts about featured property listings and current local trends will keep people coming back to your site.

Product Manufacturers: Blogging is a great way to reveal your latest ‘widget’, share product details, and keep clients informed as to any new developments within your company.
Legal, Financial, Professional: Be the expert in your field by posting about market changes and developments, while dispensing advice that will keep your clients coming back to you for consultation.

Restaurant: Writing about your menu, ingredients, and specials will not only allow your clients to learn more about your continually evolving menu, but you will receive constant feedback and testimonials in the blog comment section. Post your ‘Fresh Sheet’ on a daily basis and you will find customers will be checking back often to see the chef’s latest tantalizing creation.

Accommodation: Show off your accommodations, write posts that are focused on features and offered amenities at your location.

Recreation: People are always asking each other “What should we do today?” Create posts that contain ideas of what people could be doing, while focusing on your products or services.
Automotive: Having a sales event or a few vehicles on special? Create a post that features your event or specially priced vehicles.

Medical: Keep your clients updated with the changing medical world. Keeping your clients informed will position you as the expert in the field. As the expert they will continue to come to you for advice and consultation.

Technology: The world of technology is constantly evolving and your clients need to be updated. Blog about your latest research, or the development of a new solution to your clients problem and they will continue to refer to your site to be informed.

Construction and Industrial: Keep prospective buyers informed as the progress of your development. Discuss the benefits and features of your developments that will speak to your prospective clients, and turn them into buyers.
Sales and Retail: A blog is a huge opportunity for your company to interact with you customers. Use this feedback to give your customers what they are looking for and watch your bottom line increase.