Caorda’s Kayaking Adventure

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in Caorda Culture

by Dave Phillips

Our Kayaking Adventure with ORS

We recently embarked on a kayaking adventure in the inner harbour, narrowly avoiding deadly sea creatures and the dangerous rapids!

Okay, all jokes aside, our kayak adventure was honestly both fun and safe! Our staff not only learned a lot about paddlesports, we also got a chance to work together at random, something that doesn’t always happen in the office.

When thinking of team building exercises, kayaking isn’t typically front of mind. However we live in an unbelievable part of the world that allows us to take advantage of unique opportunities like this within a 15 minute drive of our office! Kayaking is not your typical team exercise – it’s a lot of fun, a healthy challenge, and it can be great exercise.

We have to give a HUGE thanks to staff at Ocean River Sports who were super fun, patient, and very well organized. Having experts on hand with years of paddling experience really makes this adventure work well!

Also a shout out to Lido Waterfront Bistro is needed, as the food & drinks after the Kayaking made for a great kick-off to summer! 🐳