Are You Conversing or Advertising?

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in Social Media

by Sage

Twitter’s not a new channel for distributing information (specials, listings, announcements, job postings). It can be, and is used for that, but not exclusively. And not before you have built up some “social capital” by adding value to the community.

Used properly Twitter is a tool for creating and developing relationships through conversations, a dialogue, two-way forms of communication. I still see many Twitter accounts that spit out information, sometimes manually, sometimes via an automated feed (even worse).  These accounts may have hundreds of followers, some of which are asking questions, commenting on tweets or retweeting (RT) the person, but with little or no response. You rarely if even see an @ symbol in their Twitter stream.

Would You Do This?

Here’s what that is like. Let’s say you go to a chamber of commerce mixer or similar networking event (we’ve all been to them). You show up with a hand full of flyers or business cards and you proceed to walk around the room. People acknowledge you, say hello, ask a question, comment on your suit, and what do you do; you ignore them and carry on handing out flyers and business cards.

How would you feel if someone acted like that at a business function, ignored you when you asked a question. Well if you wouldn’t do it in person, why would you do it on Twitter, or any other “social” media platform.

This video is from a recent social media workshop I did in Yellowknife where I tested this theory through an exercise with the group. The reactions were predictable.

Business is built on relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust is gained through engagement and getting to know each other (via conversations) over time. If you’re just spewing information out on Twitter and wondering why you’re not getting any results – that’s why.

How are you using Twitter? Let us know in the comments bow below.