Facebook Pages and Google Juice

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in SEO

by Sage

With over 400 million users and almost a billion pages indexed on Google, Facebook  is a huge Google juice tree. No, it’s a Google juice jungle.

Here are a few simple tips that you can implement today to help you get some of that juice.

1. Secure Your Vanity URL

Facebook offers pages with more than 25 fans something called a “vanity URL”. This is the short Facebook URL that helps people easily find your page. For example the Sage Facebook page, has the following URL: http://www.facebook.com/SageInternetSolutions which makes it easier to find and access.

There are numerous factors that go into Google’s algorithm for determining how your website, or in this case Facebook page will rank within natural search results. It is well known that the URL plays a significant role in determining that ranking. Therefore it’s important to have an intuitive URL that reflects your business name and helps people find you in search.

2. Manage Your Default Tab

Your Facebook dashboard enables you to configure a tab as a “landing page”. This is the page that users will land on when using your  vanity URL or clicking on a link in search results. Why is this important for SEO? Because it will be first page that gets crawled by Google so you want to make sure it contains relevant content and keywords for your business. To set the default tab click on the “Wall Settings” link on your Facebook dashboard and then select the tab you’d like to have displayed as the default.

3. Create Links To Your Facebook Page

Another important variable in optimizing your natural search result ranking and driving traffic to your page from search engines is incoming links. The quickest way to improve your Facebook page rankings is by linking to your page from your website as well as your email signature and your other social media profiles e.g. Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Links from other sites will also help to increase your rankings.

4. Outbound Links To Relevant Pages

Linking to relevant and related content also helps boost your ranking. Google’s algorithm takes into account the relevance of the pages you are linking to when calculating the ranking of a given page. Therefore it’s best to link to a relevant sites whenever possible.

5. Naming Your Facebook Page

The name of your Facebook page is also very important. The name of your page in affect becomes your “Title Tag” which Google uses in calculating natural search ranking. This is also what appears to the user on the search results page. See the sample screen shot image at the top of this post.


6. Facebook Notes

Your Facebook page offers something called “Notes”. You can see an example of Sage Internet’s Facebook notes here.  Notes are important to search as they are one of the few areas on your page that are accessible to search engines.

You can learn more about Notes and how to create and use them here. Creating and posting relevant and keyword rich will also improve your page’s search ranking.

7. Your Wall Content Doesn’t Produce Google Juice

The reason that your wall content doesn’t affect your search page rank is because Facebook dynamically generates feed content using javascript. Also, if you click a link from your Wall content Facebook it will redirect you through a Facebook pass-through page.


Whether you’re just planning your Facebook Page strategy or you have an existing page, these tips are a good start to ensuring you’re building a solid Google rank for your page. With the popularity and use of Facebook (over 400 million subscribers) there’s a good chance the person following a link on Google will become a fan of your page.

Now would be a good time to go in and make some adjustments to your page.