Facebook’s New Social Plugins Just Made My Head Explode

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by Sage

Facebook’s New Social Plugins Just Made My Head Explode

Has Facebook made you brain explode yet?

Well if you have a website and your brain is not reeling with all of the possibilities of the new things that were announced at Facebook’s F8 event then you need to start reading.  You may have seen a few days ago that Facebook changed the ‘Become a Fan’ button to the ‘Like’ button.  This may seem like such a small change, but when it is combined with all the new social tools that Facebook has cooked up it is just a small piece of a larger master plan.

I have always said that I have become a slave to Google as I want to pledge my allegiance in preparation for when Google takes over the world, but it looks like Facebook may be really a contender for world domination.

At this point I cannot even point out all of the possibilities/opportunities for the new tools offered at Facebook (my brain has to slow down first- I feel like I am 8 years old again hopped up on Jolt Cola) but what I can is show you working examples of the new tools.

Without further rambling here are the new Facebook tools (I encourage you to test them out to see how they work):

Like button
This is basically like the share on Facebook button, but will also show friends that have ‘liked’ the site as well (provided you are logged into Facebook). Go ahead and click the like button and you will see your icon show up.

Goes through your site checks out all the social iterations that have happened throughout the site and recommends pages

Allows users to comment on your website page, article photo etc.  The beauty is that this show up on the user Facebook page.  Great opportunity to get some viral traffic.

Activity Feed
This plugin shows all of the activity from the Facebook plugins throughout your entire site.

Like Box
Integrates your Facebook Business Page with your website show activity of those who have ‘liked’

Go ahead and play around with these tools and see if you think they would work on your website.  Hopefully your brain will not explode like mine has just thinking of all of the possibilities.  Tons of sites are already using the Like button, its amazing how quickly this has been adopted.

If you  find that your site could use some of the Social Tools above please feel free to contact us and share your ideas. We can put something together for you!