Filtering Out Internal Traffic from Website Stats

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in Google Analytics

by Sage

Recently I came across a client website where 40% of the traffic was “direct” meaning that people were typing the URL directly into the web address field or clicking a link in their bookmarks or favourites (depending on your browser).

I thought this was a little high given the client’s industry and my experience with stats in general, so I investigated further.

Sure enough the direct traffic was high and skewing overall website stats due to the number of website developers and employees within the company visiting the site themselves. From a website owner’s perspective this traffic isn’t important to you and if it’s high enough will skew the rest of your data to the point that it’s no longer relevant or useful.

How to Filter Out Internal Traffic

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to filter out that internal traffic by applying a “filter” within the analytics settings. Here’s how:

  1. Go into your account settings and click the “edit” linkAdd Filter
  2. Scroll down to “Filters Applied to Profile” and click “+ Add Filter”Add IP Filter
  3. Enter the filter information: Filter name and choose the type of filter. I like to use “Exclude” “Traffic from the IP addresses” “that are equal to” and then type in the IP address in the 4 short fields provided. Don’t forget to click the “save changes” button.Create New Filter

Not sure where to find your IP address?

Click on one of the following links to determine your IP:

That’s it. Pretty easy wasn’t it. Most tips on using Google are fairly easy to implement and can be very valuable in terms of efficiency and your ability to garner consumer insights.

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