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by Sage

Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo!, is one of the most popular photo storage and sharing sites on the web. It’s free, easy to use & offers a variety of methods for sorting, categorizing and tagging images. People can comment on and rate pictures, and photos can be made private or only viewable by friends and family.

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Flickr offers an easy-to-use interface featuring photo thumbnails and the ability to navigate images with the same tags, sets or groups. Various upload methods include the web, email and mobile phone.


  • It’s free
  • It’s easy to use
  • Options for securing your Flickr photos
  • Great tagging and organizing system
  • Incorporate into blogs and websites
  • Use Creative Commons copyright licenses with photos
  • Create groups to encourage & facilitate conversations

Users get up to 100 MB of image upload monthly for free. A pro account allows for unlimited photo storage for $24.95 a year.

A potential downside to Flickr is that public photos, unless you specifically add a watermark on your own, can be downloaded and used by anyone. To avoid that you can incorporate Creative Commons copyright license details to inform people of usage rights.


Flickr on your webite or blog

A big benefit of Flickr is the blogging options. You can have Flickr photos automatically rotate on your blog in a sidebar. You can even send photos directly to your blog from your cell phone.

An additional benefit is the ability to organize photos into sets or groups, tag them, or show them on a map displaying the location where the photo was shot.


Flickr Groups

Another benefit is the ability to create “groups”. A group admin can:

  1. Modify information about the group
    • Create or change the group name
    • Create or change the group description
    • Associate the group with an external URL
    • Create a personalized URL for the group
  2. Determine whether or not your group topics or pool can be viewed by non-members.
    • Create a group icon
    • Determine group moderation rules
    • Determine what kind of content can be added to the group pool (photos, video or both)
    • Set the frequency of group pool submissions
  3. Create group participation rules

There’s no limit on the number of admins a group can have, although once someone becomes an admin, they can never be demoted. A group moderator can:

  • Approve or remove photos from the pool
  • Moderate group discussions
  • Remove or ban members

Search out and join appropriate groups and share your photos in those groups. There are Flickr groups for just about anything. If you own a Scooter Shop there are plenty of scooter related groups. Or maybe you produce Bridal Shows. Get the picture? You can also search out and join groups related to your location — search on your city name, nearby city names, and your province. Posting photos and joining discussions in those groups will enable you to reach a local audience.

Are you using Flickr as a marketing tool? We’d love to hear about it.