Flood Waters rise at Caorda Head Office

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by Lorne Neil

Caorda head office flooded over the weekend from a cracked toilet tank. The building security noticed the water streaming out the front door and leaking through the floor into the parking garage at 10:15pm Friday. Paul and Lorne were called and arrived to the office to find up to 3″ of water in some areas and all but 2 offices flooded. 3 hours later the water was shut off, swept out the front & back doors and all standing water was shop vac’d up. The restoration company fired up the fans and de-humidifers on Saturday and the recovery effort was well under way. The good news is that Caorda hosted services were unaffected by the flood. The bad news is no one will ever feel safe leaving their house or office again without shutting off the water supply to their toilets, especially if you have a Crane!!

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking here.