Internet Marketing Trends in 2010?

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by Sage

Internet Marketing Trends in 2010?

We surveyed several internet savvy people to find out what’s going to be big in the year ahead. Here are some of the results:

  • Social media is big on everyone’s radar but for a wide variety of reasons. The consensus is that 2010 will be the year that savvy businesses are able to harness the power of social media to advance their business. Social media was also viewed as a potential time waster and consumer of business resources. Up until now, most social media efforts by business users were seat of the pants, throw it at the ceiling and see what sticks efforts. In 2010, social media plans will be woven into overall coherent marketing plans to really see the benefits of this exciting new realm.
  • Improved use of web analytics will allow businesses to better understand and connect with their customers and potential customers (in less annoying and intrusive ways.)
  • SEO will continue to be a very important issue. New search engines allowing the searching of social media sites will emerge and many even present some challenges to the big boys, Google and Bing.
  • Poor, superficial, internet marketing campaigns will hit Companies by way of customer backlash. As companies jump on the social media/bulk email/newsletter bandwagon, customers will feel the online equivalent of the home mailbox being stuffed with useless junk email and flyers. A web savvy company will know which customers are likely to want the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, the Canadian Tire Flyer, neither, or both. This year is pivotal for online marketers to figure out how to “do it right” or regulators will jump into the fray. Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Improving Social Media engagement. For those who have been using social media, the novelty will start to wear off. To keep up the effort and commitment of resources, businesses will have to demonstrate a clear ROI whereas in the past they did it just because they felt they had to be there.
  • Death of useless marketing buzzwords. Terms like Web 2.0, Web 3.0, and Web 4.0 will (should) die out. They were stupid to begin with and the industry seemed to perpetuate the stupidity. What do you tell a client who asks for their site to be upgraded from Web 1.0 to the new Web 3.0 they have been hearing so much about? Where do you begin? Well, let’s cut the jargon and just go back to good planning and analysis to find out what the real needs are.
  • Learning about user behaviour and web content. Web users are continually telling us that they want to “pull” content rather than having it “pushed” at them. Web sites and marketing campaigns should be aware of this. Even television is losing it’s push with the advent of the Tivo/PVR. Remember the old Flash sites with the Skip Intro button that almost everyone used? Let’s not go down that road again with web design even though it always looks snazzy in the marketing presentations. In 2010, internet marketers will start to better understand the customer’s perspective.
  • Marketing budgets will continue to shift. The reallocation from print and other media will continue for at least another year or two before the pendulum will show any signs of swinging the other way. The focus of the new marketing campaigns will pay more attention to attracting quality visitors rather than just any visitors. Companies will also begin to question the value of spending on adwords as the cost of adwords continues to climb. There will be a renewed focus on good, sound website construction and SEO techniques to organically generate quality visitors. Adwords will still be important but they will be far from the only arrow you need to have in your quiver. Those social media arrows – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, emails, Polls, Contests, will give the hunter many more chances of success.

Businesses will realize that a well constructed, rock-solid website is still at the heart of their online marketing efforts. In years past, efforts became defocused with shot gunning in all directions. Ultimately, marketing efforts must drive people to your online store or your bricks- and-mortar stores. In 2010 businesses will analyze their websites, simplify them, and look toward quality construction. Better to have a 1,500 square foot quality house than a 5,000 square foot dump. Also, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” will start to be realized in the world of website construction.