Using Klout to Reach Business Goals Part 1

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Using Klout to Reach Business Goals Part 1

In the intro post to this series about Using Klout to Reach Business Goals I have identified the business goal that I am going to use Klout to help accomplish: To have a potential client contact Sage about getting a quote for converting their website to a WordPress CMS. Now I have to find a way to use Klout to get there.

Today I plan on identifying what type of Klout Classification @sageinternet has been given by Klout. This is will give me a broad idea as to how Klout views Sage Internet’s Twitter usage. I have listed all the Klout Classification below so you can get an idea  what the different groupings are.

Klout Classifications:

You highlight the most interesting people and find the best content on the web and share it to a wide audience. You are a critical information source to your network. You have an amazing ability to filter massive amounts of content to surface the nuggets that your audience truly care about. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

You broadcast great content that spreads like wildfire. You are an essential information source in your industry. You have a large and diverse audience that values your content.

You keep tabs on what’s trending and who’s important to watch. You share the best of this with your followers and save them from having to find what’s hot on their own. You probably focus on a specific topic or cater to a defined audience.

Your audience relies on you for a steady flow of information about your industry or topic. Your audience is hooked on your updates and secretly can’t live without them.

Taste Maker
You know what you like and your audience likes it too. You know what’s trending, but you do more than just follow the crowd. You have your own opinion that earns respect from your network.

You can’t get any more influential than this. People hang on your every word, and share your content like no other. You’re probably famous in real life and your fans simply can’t get enough.

Thought Leader
You are a thought leader in your industry. Your followers rely on you, not only to share the relevant news, but to give your opinion on the issues. People look to you to help them understand the day’s developments. You understand what’s important and what your audience values that.

You don’t just share news, you create the news. As a pundit, your opinions are wide-spread and highly trusted. You’re regularly recognized as a leader in your industry. When you speak, people listen.

You might just be starting out with the social web or maybe you’re not that into it. If you want to grow your influence, try engaging with your audience and sharing more content.

You love to connect and always have the inside scoop. Good conversation is not just a skill, it’s an art. You might not know it, but when you are witty, your followers hang on every word.

You don’t share very much, but you follow the social web more than you let on. You may just enjoy observing more than sharing or you’re checking this stuff out before jumping in full-force.

You actively engage in the social web, constantly trying out new ways to interact and network. You’re exploring the ecosystem and making it work for you. Your level of activity and engagement shows that you “get it”, we predict you’ll be moving up.

You are the hub of social scenes and people count on you to find out what’s happening. You are quick to connect people and readily share your social savvy. Your followers appreciate your network and generosity.

You know how to connect to the right people and share what’s important to your audience. You generously share your network to help your followers. You have a high level of engagement and an influential audience.

You’ve got an idea or cause you want to share with the world and you’ve found the perfect medium for it. Your audience counts on you to champion your cause.

You may not be a celebrity, but within your area of expertise your opinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.

Sage Internet Klout Score

Currently Sage Internet is classified as an “Explorer” which makes perfect sense to me. Nick and I (who are the primary Twitter users in the office) have been testing out different Twitter strategies and really trying to find our voice and purpose for Twitter. Klout has agreed with this by saying: “You actively engage in the social web, constantly trying out new ways to interact and network.” With this series of posts about using Twitter to improve business Klout backs this up with: “You’re exploring the ecosystem and making it work for you.

The current classification Klout has given Sage is accurate for the present, however if we are to achieve the end goal stated above, then we will need to find a different classification. Upon reviewing the classifications I have chosen to work towards of  having Sage classified as a “Specialist.” This classification seems more in line with the business goal chosen.

The next steps that I will follow in the Klout journey is to:

  1. Participate more in conversations about WordPress as a Content Management System.
  2. Create and Retweet more content about WordPress as a CMS
  3. Follow and engage Twitter users that are actively sharing content mentioned in point 2
  4. Follow and engage Twitter users that are following Twitter users mentioned in point 3

Another thing I will do is check out the Klout classification of these new Twitter people to see if any of them are “Specialists.” This way I can see what they are doing and how they have used Twitter to achieve that specific classification.

The next step will be to review the Score Analysis to see how Sage is currently sharing and interacting with content and other users. With this data we should be able to work further towards our end goal.

Conversation point: What is your Klout classification and do you feel it accurately describes you?