Lost messages with QR Code’s.

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by Sage

Lost messages with QR Code’s.

QR Code short for Quick Response Code, is a technological advancement to the traditional UPC Barcode‘s you’ve see on products.

For those who don’t know UPC (Universal Product Code)’s were first implemented in the early 70’s to streamline the checkout process in grocery stories.

A UPC Barcode contains up to 12 numerical characters. When an employee scans a barcode, the cash register accesses the store database and gathers information about the product.

The difference


While a UPC Barcode only contains 12 numerical characters and requires access to a central database, a QR Code can actually contain all the information within the actually barcode.

QR vs Barcode

This can be used to display multiple types of information such as a description, call a phone number, email a company or open a web page.

Benefits for consumer

While I assume most of you don’t own the hardware to scan a UPC, everyone can scan a QR Code using your mobile device by simply downloading one of many free mobile applications.

Popular Readers

Benefits for business

While traditional print marketing relies on the consistency of displaying advertisements to the consumer, the call to action is often lost.

Do you really want to type that long web address to win a donut?

A QR Code changes the game. You can bridge traditional marketing techniques with 21st century technology instantly.

Furthermore you don’t even have to print codes on paper; QR Codes can be read from any LCD display such as the digital advertising in taxies, malls and much more.

Lost Messages with QR Codes.

Although the technology could greatly benefit your business, using the latest and the greatest just for the sake of being cool can often work against your campaign.

Recently while reading a newspaper publication at my favourite cafe, I noticed an interesting advertisement with a QR code indicating more information… After pulling out my trusty QR Code reader, the barcode didn’t scan.

The printing process ruined the integrity of the barcode.

If it doesn’t scan, what’s the point?


Use the technology in your marketing campaign and make sure it works. Track the data using Google Analytics and watch your conversions fly.