Spice Up Your Facebook Page with ReverbNation

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by Sage

Facebook and Pages are revolutionizing the way bands and performing artists market themselves and interact with their fans. And then there are tools like ReverbNation to encourage fan engagement and help manage fan relationships in this era of social networking.

Reverb Nation Facebook app pageI’m working with Ashleigh Eymann, an extremely talented, local, young artist, to build her social media profile and reach a broader audience. Just a few years ago this level and speed of marketing would have been impossible. Now it’s possible to not only reach but connect with and engage thousands of fans via social networks.

Engage Your Fans

ReverbNation’s “Band Profile” app brings your Facebook page to life. It allows you to publish your band’s photos, stream music, capture subscribers and promote upcoming shows. I recommend setting your wall preference to show the “Band Profile” tab by default, ensuring fans get an instant snapshot of your band without having to scrolling or go poking around.

With MyBand you can

  • Add a Bio and Band Photo
  • Post unlimited songs for streaming or download
  • Sell your music
  • Friends can add your music to playlists and share music with their friends (viral)
  • Include links to your homepage
  • Add your show or gig schedule
  • Sell tickets to shows
  • Grow your mailing list and street team
  • Track how your music is spreading (who’s listening? who’s sharing? which songs?) to measure your popularity.
Promote Your Gigs

Promote Your Gigs

How do you interact with your favourite musicians? Drop me a note.