Top 7 Ways to Leverage Linkedin for Business

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by Sage

According to Linkedin stats the average user Linkedin user has 63 connections. Really? Is that the sum total of people you know in business? You can connect with more people than that in one day at a conference. I’ve connected with quite a few people recently who’s account is sitting idle with less than 20 connections – a missed opportunity.

There are a number of was to leverage Linkedin to effectively way grow your business. But let’s have a look at how others are using it.

Here are the top 4 reasons people use Linkedin

  1. Reconnect with colleagues
  2. Manage your professional identity
  3. Find out what colleagues are up to
  4. New business opportunities Source:

You can do so much more with it than simply look up contacts. You can recruit staff, find contractors, sell products, expand your network and grow your business. Did you know that 45% of employers use social media to screen potential employees.

What’s good about Linkedin:


  1. Little to no SPAM
  2. It’s easy to set-up and use
  3. Low commitment
  4. Easy to manage your privacy

What else can you do with Linkedin:

  1. Create, manage and build your profile
  2. Make connections
  3. Give and receive recommendations (this is effective in building credibility and trust)
  4. Join and/or create “Groups”
  5. Questions – get feedback and advice
  6. Answers – build your rep & demonstrate your expertise
  7. Company page – create a page for your company
  8. Polls – create & answer polls (good for research and feedback)
  9. Apps – there are hundreds of apps you can plug-in to your profile like your blog, slideshare, reading list, and more
  10. And now you can even update your status (thanks to Twitter) which can get annoying since you often see the same thing on Twitter. C’mon people.

Here are 7 ways you can use Linkedin to grow your business

  1. Increase your visibility
  2. Build your brand
  3. Get connected
  4. Improve Google rank
  5. Research potential employers/managers
  6. Ask for advice / feedback
  7. Scope out the competition – who’s connecting to who

And what better way to finish a post than with the top 7 mistakes people make on Linkedin

  1. Not displaying a photo (hard to believe but true)
  2. Mixing Twitter (@replies and Retweets) in with their status updates (this is, unfortunately, way too common)
  3. Profile not completed
  4. Little or no recommendations
  5. Too few connections
  6. Not listing websites (you can now list your Twitter account too)
  7. Not claiming personal URL (good for SEO)

How about you – how are you using, or misusing Linkedin? Lets chat.