Using Trackback Kung Fu to Promote Your Blog

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by Sage

Have you ever wondered what the major purpose of Trackbacks were. When I first started blogging it took some real explaining as to what they were and what there real purpose was. I still really am not to sure what they are all about.

Most of the time I get a lot of trackbacks from spam blogs. Those awesome people that just scrape content from other blogs to use on their own blog. This leads me to constantly moderating trackbacks, which just wastes my time.

So despite my anger towards trackbacks I decided to try and come up with a may to make them useful for me. Funny thing is that every time I see that my blog has a trackback I still go out and check out the blog where the trackback came from. I am also the kind of person that gets excited about junk mail, so checking spam trackbacks is a no brainer for me. So magic of these spammy trackbacks is that I always end up checking out the blog that has given me the trackback. This gave me an idea.

If David Letterman on his Late Show were to say something nasty about Oprah, there is a pretty good chance that it would get back to Oprah. Even if he just mentioned her name, she would probably end up knowing about it. Upon hearing this Oprah would probably watch the part of the Late Show that mentioned her, and then possibly contact David Letterman. This is pretty much like a trackback. Although an unlikely scenario it gives an idea as to how trackbacks could work in your favour to get attention to your blog.

In the world of blogging this strategy could work to bring a bit of attention to your blog. Now I do not suggest saying mean things about Oprah to try and get attention. The Oprahites would get to you. I also suggest that you do not use this tactic on a large blog that most likely gets trackbacks all of the time. Try to focus on blogs that are just a little more popular than yours. If you follow this method the blogger you trackback should come to your blog and at least make a comment. They may even become a subscriber or even mention your blog in one of their posts.

Here are the steps to use this method:

    1. Choose a blog that is near the same level of success or a bit higher than your blog.
    2. Write something attention getting about this blog or blogger.
    3. Link your statement about this blog or blogger to a post that this person has made. Do not link to the blog home page though otherwise there will be no trackback, you need to link to a post, and preferably a new one.
    4. Publish your post.
    5. See if the person you targeted makes a comment on your blog.

To test this theory I am going to a client that had a blog put together by Sage: Scooter Underground. So in order to try and get there attention I have to link to one of their blog posts. To really get their attention I should say something about them. So here we go:

Scooter Underground’s blog has really grown and has some great information about the world of scooters. Their post titled, ‘Traffic Lights – What does amber mean?‘ really applies to anyone on the road, a good read for all.

Now all we have to do is sit back and see if anyone from Scooter Underground stops by and makes a comment.