Are You Getting Hosed by Yellow Pages for Local SEO & SEM?

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by Lorne Neil

Are You Getting Hosed by Yellow Pages for Local SEO & SEM?

We frequently get calls from frustrated business owners who tell us they are spending money on Yellow Pages advertising promising SEO (search-engine optimization) and SEM (search-engine marketing) services, with intangible results.

Before you renew your annual Yellow Pages subscription,
we strongly recommend you speak with us.

In order to be effective, SEO & SEM campaigns cannot simply “optimize” your site or throw some money at Google or Facebook for short term gains that focus merely on traffic generation. Genuine SEO & SEM is a long term and iterative process that should add value to your business in terms of ROI (return on investment). Our goal is to work with businesses so they not only understand the data provided by analytics and advertising reporting but also make the right decisions in your online marketing strategies.

Multi-level SEO, Google & Facebook Advertising,
Call Tracking, we are your one-stop shop!

  • When you work with us you are working with long time local internet experts. We have extensive experience managing SEO and online advertising campaigns for organizations such as Galaxy Motors and Victoria Conference Center.
  • We can set up website goals to get a better idea on ROI and our processes are 100% transparent. You will get detailed search engine optimization and ranking reports that will detail your extended reach to customers.
  • Our SEO packages start as low as $400 initial set up for new campaigns, and we work with you to find the right monthly budget for maintenance, advertising and reporting. Every dollar you spend goes towards actual work on your behalf. Imagine that!


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