WordPress CMS Support

WordPress is an incredibly popular platform due to having both a free hosted solution plus a self-hosted version, both of which were created by the global online community free of charge.

Caorda recognizes that our developers are your first line of assistance when it comes to technical questions and we always suggest our clients contact us with questions, especially when there’s questions about unique modifications, Caorda WordPress plugins, or Caorda WordPress themes.

If you visit the current WordPress Support Page you will see they have made a very handy list of common resources to choose from:

Caorda WordPress Themes

Our developers will try to work with any theme you select or even select a theme based on your needs/specifications. If the theme needs to be customized we will create what’s called a child-theme to allow updates to the site/theme without concern.

In other cases we can develop a theme for you and these will have options that show up in the left sidebar menu.

Where possible the Caorda custom theme options will be very sensible and for users who are new to WordPress or express interest in learning further we can set aside time in your development budget to hold training sessions on any parts of the software. Caorda customers should always feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions.