Kendra Savich

Digital Marketing Specialist

Coming from a military family, Kendra has spent time living in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Ontario again, and finally beautiful Victoria BC. Introduced to the tech scene at an early age, she still has fond memories of the shriek of dot matrix printers and dial-up modems (don’t ask us why).

Alongside her well-travelled background, Kendra also has experience in a variety of disciplines, including the humanities, animation, computer science, and of course marketing. She enjoys drawing on these diverse fields to create promotional campaigns that are inventive, insightful, and on the leading edge of technology.

Outside of Work

Kendra is a cat-loving nerd through and through, and you can often find her spoiling her foster cats, reading comics, volunteering at animal rescue societies, practicing at the archery range, or cross-stitching memes.

  Daily Fortune Cookie

“Good things come to those who get up from their seats and start walking around the restaurant like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

Fun Fact

Every member of Kendra’s family can play an instrument. (She plays trumpet.)

Favourite Quote

“All knowledge is worth having.” – Jacqueline Carey