WordPress Website Development


Why Choose WordPress

WordPress began its life as a humble blogging tool. Now it’s used by Time, CNN, TED, and more, not to mention roughly 25% of the internet is running WordPress technology. We don’t just build great, custom WordPress websites, Caorda also offers training in WordPress to help you gain control of your website content. WordPress has an absolutely massive and robust suite of features, which include:

  • Ginormous repository of responsive & customizable website themes
  • Robust plugin architecture with thousands of secure, peer-reviewed plugins
  • Awesome Widgets
  • SEO friendly and customizable URLs (permalinks) built right into the structure 
  • Constantly updated software core
  • Is secure, despite what you might have read
  • …and much more!

Over the years, Caorda’s developers have built a huge portfolio of WordPress websites, so we’re intimately familiar with its wide array of features and how best to use them. If your business already uses WordPress and you’re in need of a  professional design and feature polish, our team will help you redevelop your new identity.


WordPress Features

Let Caorda take your site to the next level with some WordPress features you’ll love.

  • WordPress has an endless number of themes to choose from. Caorda only uses a select number of premium, battle-tested themes which you can use to give your website some style. However, when you want something unique and custom our website design team has you covered.

  • We’ll design and develop whatever tools and modules you can imagine, or we can equip your site with the plugins and widgets that we have vetted from WordPress’s extensive database; but, not too many!

  • WordPress has really stepped up to allow for complete, responsive support for viewing websites on small devices. Through design and testing, our team ensures that your message is the same across all device types. Let Caorda unlock your mobile potential with a responsive WordPress website design and limitless custom options.

  • WordPress’s SEO-friendly permalink structure (URLs) is a great way to get quickly indexed and understood by Google. Automatic title tags and feature-rich SEO foundation plugins set you up right from the start. We ensure that your site launches with a strong SEO headstart. Be sure you’re at the top of the list with Caorda’s SEO services and marketing expertise.

Adaptable Architecture

WordPress offers a rich plugin architecture that lets developers like Caorda build on WordPress’s starting functionality so there’s no limit to what we can create for you. It’s this adaptable architecture that allows our team to get all Matrix’y on the code and develop amazing, custom websites that you can call your own.

WordPress’s inventory of 37,000+ plugins allows a vast range of functionality. However, we’re not fans of using plugins when a little code will do, and when we do, we only employ torture-tested and stable WordPress plugins that we’ve used many times before. Caorda can also create custom plugins when you need something special to fit your needs.

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We’re Legit WordPress Developers

You might run into a lot of self-proclaimed WordPress website designers. While you may get an okay-looking website with very basic features, always research the portfolios and references. Caorda is a highly-professional website development agency. We customize platforms for your unique requirements when Out Of the Box just doesn’t cut it.