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True Canadian Email Hosting from Caorda

Whether it is a single email address or multiple email accounts for your entire business, Caorda’s business level email hosting options will have you covered. Caorda offers both POP/IMAP email hosting and hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions. All email hosting services are delivered from our Canadian Data Centre.

By choosing Caorda you aren’t just supporting a local Canadian business, our servers are physically located in a secure Canadian hosting facility to help ensure your confidential company emails are free from surveillance (ie: PRISM) and the prying eyes of foreign security services.

Caorda takes pride in the reliability and dependability of our email hosting services; In fact, we run our company on the same services that we provide to our clients so we know that you will be getting enterprise-level hosting services when you choose Caorda. All email is protected by advanced spam filtering so your mailboxes stay uncluttered from unwanted email.

With your web hosting package you will get 10 mailboxes for POP/IMAP email hosting with options to add more. Please contact us to discuss various email options.

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Our Secure Email Hosting services include:

  • Hosted POP/IMAP email services
  • Microsoft Exchange email hosting designed to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs
  • All services are compatible with a wide range of devices and business messaging systems
  • Webmail access to ensure your email is accessible when you need it
  • Advanced Spam Filtering via Barracuda Spam Firewalls
  • Simple, affordable email services for single individuals or smaller businesses. POP is geek talk for ‘Post Office Protocol’ and is the standard for the majority of email services around the world. 

    POP follows the idea that only one client requires access to mail on the server and that all email is best stored locally. This offers the following advantages:

    • Mail is stored on your computer or device, always accessible, even without an internet connection
    • An internet connection is only needed to send and receive mail (not for reading or writing)
    • POP saves storage space
    • You also have the option to leave copy of emails on Caorda’s server
    • You can consolidate multiple email accounts into one inbox

    POP or “Post Office Protocol” is one of the oldest messaging protocols online which is why it’s so incredibly popular and compatible with many services and devices. The POP3 messaging specification is so successful and widespread that the POP4 specification has not seen any progress since 2003!

  • Caorda’s spam removal service is applied to both POP/IMAP accounts and Microsoft Exchange accounts. Spam removal provides your business with increased email security, improves productivity and even decreases your businesses internet bandwidth usage. 

    • An automatic anti-spam service which filters unwanted e-mail
    • Remove unwanted spam, e-mail-borne viruses and phishing attempts
    • All filters are performed before the e-mail gets to your inbox or those of your employees
    • You have full control of whitelists/blacklists and quarantine management
  • Caorda’s most advanced email solution is MS Exchange based Email hosting. 

    Why not skip the headaches of installing and maintaining your own MS Exchange server and go with a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution from Caorda? We can deliver all of the benefits of MS Exchange, combined with advanced spam & virus filtering, all running on reliable and secure Canadian Email servers. By storing all data on one central server, key information is protected and updated constantly, allowing all parties involved in your operations to stay current on the schedules and tasks of others. Plus the built-in support for Microsoft’s ActiveSync will help you organize and control your email from mobile devices, such as tablets and phones.

    Full synchronization for all email accounts, calendars, meeting rooms and more with the industry standard in business email systems. 

    For more information, or to get started with Hosted Microsoft Exchange, contact us today.