Website Design & Development Process


5 Steps to Success

Caorda has a detailed five-phase process that helps keep projects on time and on budget. This process can be customized to suit your marketing needs and can be used to track the progress of your project.

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    • Define success criteria
    • Assign project roles and teams
    • Create project schedule
    • Confirm audiences, objectives, and budget
    • Meet with stakeholders
    • Assess and develop sitemap, information architecture, and copy deck
    • Define requirements, including: graphic look and feel, brand guidelines, navigation, and required functionality
    • Produce mockups for the site’s home page
    • Present homepage design
    • Complete design revisions based on feedback from client
    • Prepare designs for other key internal pages and functional areas of the site
    • Refine style guide for development
    • Set up environment
    • Complete website development based on
      design mockups
    • Complete development and implementation of various modules and plugins
    • Build page structures for site
    • Implement copy deck for site wide copy
    • Send link to test site for review
    • Support user acceptance and quality assurance testing
    • Refine site features and content based on feedback and testing results
    • Complete pre-launch SEO review, including setting up URL redirects
    • Work with digital agency to set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • Implement security and SEO plugins
    • Final preparation for launch
    • Multi-device usability testing
    • Provide user training on features and functionality
    • Upload site to production servers for launch
    • Conduct SEO post-launch review

We’re Proud of Our Methodology

We’ve spent a great deal of time developing our process and have a long-standing track record of success to support it. Let’s work together on developing a website design project. We’ll make sure it’s on time and on budget!