Mobile Applications

We build mobile apps users love.

Sophisticated mobile apps from Caorda that users love. That’s what we create. Caorda is proud to have a team of experienced developers who understand what it takes to get an app developed right. We want to create apps that users talk about.

Caorda’s Application Development Process

  1. The first step in app development is figuring out the architecture. The team at Caorda works to create an outline of your app’s requirements to build a solid foundation from. After that we can build wireframes, test the usability and improve the user experience. 
  2. While your app is in development, we work with you on your app’s marketing. From explainer videos to getting noticed in the press, Caorda can help your app make a splash.
  3. Once the app passes through our quality assurance stage and is ready to go live, we launch it for you on Google Play, The App Store and your website. We ensure your app looks great in the app stores and gets through Apple’s acceptance process.

Apps vs Websites

A mobile app is downloaded and installed on a user’s device and remains there. It can be accessed any time and anywhere, even without an internet connection. That’s what makes it so different than a website. A website lives on the internet, and is accessed and used using the device’s web browser. You’ll need a connection to get there and use it.

An app on a smartphone is great for quick, frequent use. Because of this, apps are often considered tools, answering a specific need. Great apps can build great customer loyalty.

iOSApple iOS Apps

iOS is a very modern, stylish, and elegant mobile operating system that has a huge following around the world thanks to the many popular hardware devices that Apple sells. Caorda has years of development experience making iOS applications.

AndroidAndroid Apps

This open source mobile operating system is incredibly popular on mobile phones, tablets, and embedded devices like TVs and smartwatches. Developing an Android mobile app means that your reach will be extended to an incredible level, far beyond what you would have with just a mobile website.