Website Design

Website Design Requires Flexibility and Convenience

Designing highly functional, yet easy to understand and visually appealing websites for the web, is our primary motivation. Flexibility and convenience are two of the biggest factors that make websites, and all their integrated functionality work so well together. Your website is a perpetual form of marketing, accessible by everyone in the world at any time of day.

Let’s Talk About Web Design

Caorda’s ‘Mobile First’ Philosophy

At the end of 2013, mobile phones surpassed regular computers for accessing online media. It was predicted and sure enough, it happened. Caorda designs and develops all of our web projects with a mobile first philosophy. With mobile use growing every year, we want to ensure that your brand new website is ready for the future and can stand up to the mobile device revolution. Mobile browsing requires a completely updated process with respect to how users interact with your content and submit forms. They have less patience and require their information faster than desktop users. Oh, there’s the fact that the screen is only 4-5 inches tall! You can trust us to cover all the bases for your new, completely mobile responsive website.

Web Design is Not Print Design

Designing a website or any other software application is not the same as designing a poster, billboard or brochure. A good web designer has extensive knowledge of ever-changing Internet trends, has spent hours in various types of Web interfaces—on computers and mobile devices—knows how to captivate an audience while ensuring that the most pertinent information remains in plain sight, and can envision the natural navigation path that will come into play once visitors start to engage with the website.

We pride ourselves on designing solutions for the Web that captivate, inform, and help grow your company’s success.

Every Website Design Project at Caorda is Custom, Compelling, and One-of-a-Kind

We start with your vision and bring our professional expertise to create a timeless design together. You’ll get creative results, not a dull, cookie-cutter template. We work closely with you to create a unique web presence that captures your dynamic business, on budget and on time. Plus, once built, your website resides on a scalable, updatable content management system CMS that saves you money again and again. And, as a flexible, independent web design firm, fitting design and development fees into your small-business budget is something we understand.

We’re Local!

If you are a small- or medium-sized business here in Victoria, you are likely looking for a website design provider right here at home. Caorda is not only located here; we are committed to community development. Clients who choose to have their website designed and hosted in Victoria by Caorda Web Solutions enjoy the benefits having a local designer and technology provider, as well as the benefit of a local Victoria company that takes Canadian and BC privacy law as the minimum standard for ourselves and our clients. With Caorda, you get excellent, award-winning design, by designers you can visit and talk to in a comfortable board room. You can also be sure that your business and customer information is protected. Our robust, business-dedicated servers reside in a secure, mainland BC location, while you can find us right here in Victoria, BC Canada.