Custom Database Development

If you’re still using older technologies for your business data (such as MS Excel/ MS Access and others) you should be considering a custom database solution that suits your specific business needs. Even with a new database system, Excel can still be used in your organization, thanks to custom tools and functions we can create within the system. Caorda wants to streamline your business procedures without having to sacrifice flexibility.

From planning database diagrams to relational schemas, Caorda covers all the bases to ensure your new system is a rock-solid foundation that will grow with your business. Caorda’s databases are clean and tidy. But they’re also incredibly flexible and modular.

The Incredible Powers of a Database

Before we begin the coding process, we make sure to test our theories and have multiple developers consider all the angles. Our databases are planned and planned again, to make sure we’re confident in the underlying code and your database can grow and expand over time, no matter how much information you throw at it.

Collect, store, save, create, retrieve, delete, modify.. our databases are like a Swiss Army knife for your data. Because of this, our clients do all kinds of amazing things with their databases such as:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity for internal data management
  • Upgrade their websites to empower customers and streamline interaction
  • Web-enable legacy business applications
  • Ensure uptime, failsafe, and failover systems
  • Optimize revenues through custom reports
  • Automate time-intensive processes

Designed like a Porsche

Caorda’s database designs are often created visually so they’re easy for anyone to understand. You’ll be able to see how your database works from the get-go. And since change is the only constant, we’re happy to make changes down the road. That’s because we care about our customers, sure, but also because we’ve built-in the kind of maintainability any developer would be happy to work with. Support and maintenance is always a smooth experience with Caorda.

An all-in-one solution

Databases accessed on the internet need to be secure. Insanely secure. That’s why we don’t outsource hosting. When you work with Caorda you get the whole package. We’ll develop AND host your database from our %100 Canadian hosting environment for as little as $20/mo.

We’re proud of our databases!

From small to large clients in a variety of industries, we’ve improved the productivity and customer experience for businesses such as:

  • Fisgard Capital Corporation
  • THE-EXCHANGE ATM Network (Ficanex)
  • University of Victoria – Genome Centre
  • Country Grocer
  • Liquor Plus
  • Central 1 Credit Union
  • and more

Have a closer look at our specific services for web applications and custom software development. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your custom development needs.