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Secure File Hosting & FTP Solutions

Access secure, 100% Canadian FTP business solutions for web-based file hosting and storage services over the internet using Caorda’s file transfer protocol (FTP) solution.

Caorda’s FTP Hosting provides an increased level of security and privacy that is not available in the United States due to US Privacy regulations. In this sense we offer PRISM free hosting by providing extra privacy and protection for our clients.

Whether it’s for your business, a non-profit institution, or an organization, you can increase productivity and security with fast reliable FTP hosting from Caorda. Caorda’s secure Canadian FTP hosting is also very cost effective and affordable which could save money compared to less secure solutions you may already be spending money on.

Thanks to advanced security features you can set permissions to enable certain users to view only specific folders and set alerts that will ensure you know when files have been downloaded. This level of secure private access allows you to improve both your workflow and security.

Secure, Web-based File Storage & Transfer

FTP hosting services from Caorda are designed for businesses, graphic design firms, film industry, web developers, or any organization that requires moving large/private files over the internet securely.

Create and manage your powerful FTP space to host your data on the internet:

  • Secure Canadian hosted FTP Services
  • Username and password protection for your files and folders
  • Accessible from Windows Explorer or a web browser without any extra software
  • Backup and access your files online from anywhere
  • Share and coordinate files privately with others all over the world
  • Notification settings to alert file arrival, deletion and other actions*
  • Support for the following protocols: FTP, FTPES, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, & SFTP*
  • If one of our FTP packages does not meet your needs we can tailor one to fit your business

(* Some features, like SFTP, require Gold or custom packages.)

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Pricing & Packages

  Bronze Silver Gold
 Storage 1GB 5GB 25GB
 Monthly Bandwidth 5GB  25GB 125GB
 Admin Accounts 1 1 unlimited
 Number of Standard Users  unlimited unlimited unlimited
 Access Level  group group domain
 SSL Certificate (Allows Secure Protocols)     included
 Setup Fee $50 $50 $50
  $20/mo $40/mo $80/mo

Additional storage & bandwidth available à la carte on top of the Gold package

Monthly Cost Cost/GB GB Storage Space
$25 $1.00 25
$75 $0.75 100
$125 $0.50 250
 $175 $0.35 500
 $256 $0.25 1024

Group Level Access Features

  • 1 Group Admin, master account
  • Ability to create multiple regular users
  • View current Sessions and statistics

Domain Level Access Features

For those clients needing an elevated level of security, access to a web based management interface for your various account tools, we have developed an enterprise add-on option that comes with the Gold package. Domain level access requires a dedicated (static) IP for security purposes.

  • 1 Domain Administrator account (more can be created by Caorda)
  • SSL Certificate installation and configuration (allows secure protocols)
  • Encryption at rest using AES256 encryption
  • Ability to create
    • Groups
    • Group Administrators
    • Regular users
  • Ability to assign users to groups
  • Ability to restrict access via IP
  • Ability to create Events (email notification on login, file upload etc.)
  • File Share Ability (Drop box style)
  • File Managmement (Auto Delete files after X days)
  • Limit and Settings customization
  • View Current sessions and statistics
  • View and customize LogFiles

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