Google Advertising and Paid Search

Paid Search Marketing vs. Onsite SEO

When you apply SEO to improve your website rankings, the truth is that your site content is responsible for almost all the improved rankings. More importantly, when your site does something well, or demonstrates optimization, it helps your rankings and does not fade quickly. When you pay for advertising/traffic on Google or other sites like Facebook there are a lot of reasons why the effort does not have a lasting effect on your website rankings. In a nutshell: Money can’t buy love. It makes sense in terms of fair play. Web sites that publish popular content should rank better than websites with lots of money to spend.


Where does Paid Search work?

This is a huge topic to summarize but PPC advertising can be essential for competitive businesses. With a well optimized website, a trained PPC specialist can carefully manage your paid search campaign in such a way that they underbid all the competition but still get the majority of clicks. Having the power to steer the majority of search traffic into your business website can be incredibly valuable when it’s done properly. In other cases, the best use of Paid Search/PPC Management is to test out strategy quickly vs. making website changes and then reviewing analytics months later. Want to know if ‘peppermint lollipops’ can compete with ‘candy canes’ for getting traffic into your ‘Always Xmas’ store? Paid search marketing could really help you understand the current market for both product descriptions much faster than other methods, plus you should sell a lot of confectionery while you are testing.

Experts in Paid Search

Like many SEO topics, paid search marketing/PPC management is constantly evolving and has very unique challenges that vary between markets. Clients wishing to learn paid search marketing are immediately faced with important questions:

  • How much to bid?
  • Which phrases are worth bids?
  • How can the bids be lowered while winning more clicks?
  • What information can be learned from reporting?
  • When should I stop bidding on clicks?

By dealing with a variety of campaigns for our clients the SEO team at Caorda are constantly learning how to improve the results and value of paid search marketing. There’s lots of publications online that aim to educate and inform website owners on the topic of paid search management, but why try to catch up, much less stay ahead of it all? Caorda is constantly evolving and our local search marketing experts are already a wealth of knowledge & experience. To get started with your paid search marketing/PPC campaign please contact usgive us a call over the phone, or come on down to our office to meet with us in person.