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Google Ads – Pay Your Way to the Top

When you absolutely need traffic while your SEO efforts are ticking along, there is nothing that can deliver quick and meaningful traffic other than Google Ads. Just a short call with one of our digital marketing team will determine if a small (or large) Google Ads campaign is a good fit for your business.

Our marketing team takes their job very seriously. We are Google Ads certified and our company is also an official Google Partner. We need to maintain a certain level of quality in order to persist as a partner. You’ll have our expertise at your disposal.

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Facebook Ads

When deployed in tandem (or on its own) with a Google Ads campaign, a highly targeted Facebook campaign can make a difference. Even with the new iOS 14 restrictions, there is a huge opportunity to reach your ideal customers with captivating imagery and targeting. Our team has a great deal of experience designing and developing functional Facebook Ads campaigns for all sectors including the use of product feeds, one-off promotions and account setup and management.

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Get the most out of your paid campaigns

Setting up your accounts and ensuring a harmonized connection between your networks, analytic and website are incredibly important to giving you the best shot at success.


  • Ensuring that your Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts are set up and talking to your website correctly is the most important first step in your campaigns. Simply sending a bunch of traffic without the right measurement is throwing rocks down a well.

    Our team will ensure that all of your data is tracking and flowing to the right places. Here are just a few items that we take care of.

    • Facebook pixels
    • Google Ads remarketing lists
    • Google Ads conversion tags
    • Google Analytics goal migration and conversion tracking
    • Appropriate campaign URLs
    • Appropriate campaign and account structure from Campaigns, Groups, Ad Sets and Ads. 
    • And on and on. :)
  • Our team will be upfront and honest about your account if we feel that the budget doesn’t support the market. We will either recommend increasing the budget or trimming down the campaigns to be laser-focused on one or 2 topics. Trying to do too much with too little has been the downfall of many Google Ads Search campaigns. Smart Display campaigns are getting smarter, but they are passive and require talented designers to develop your ads.

  • You can lead a horse to water… This couldn’t be more true for all websites that attempt to take advantage of Search Engine Marketing. Sending traffic to a non-optimized website is a futile exercise that will end in grief; expensive grief.

    Our digital marketing team will always take time to assess the conversion effect of the website and ensure that critical areas are addressed prior to spending a client’s hard-earned investment.

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If You Build It, They Totally Won’t Come

This is a hard reality of websites. Just having one, doesn’t equal traffic. It’s a long hard road to getting the right type and amount of traffic to support your business. That’s why digital marketing exists; to develop strategies that bring the right people to your website.

Let’s Get Cracking

We’ll give you our best!

By dealing with a variety of campaigns for our clients, the digital marketing team at Caorda is constantly learning how to improve the results and value of paid search marketing. Caorda is constantly evolving and our local search marketing experts are already a wealth of knowledge & experience. To get started with Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Bing, contact us today!