Careers Engine

The Careers Engine is a job board platform that provides a complete recruitment solution. We enable all manner of association and organization, allowing them to:

  • Promote employment within an industry
  • Create value for members
  • Generate additional revenue

Caorda’s Careers Engine was carefully designed by HR professionals to meet the functionality needs of members, managers, and recruits. Plus the Careers Engine service is completely customizable for any size of industry. Take your association/group/society to the next level by becoming the hub for jobs within your industry.

Your Job Board, Your Brand

The Careers Engine maintains your association brand by incorporating colours, themes, images, and information relevant to you. With the Careers Engine you are able to:

  • Enhance your brand by creating greater awareness
  • Provide incentive for members to join your society/association
  • Promote jobs and employers within your industry

Adaptable to any Industry

No two industries are alike and the Careers Engine is designed with this in mind. Industries vary in size, revenue, and skills; so one fixed recruitment solution just doesn’t make sense. The Careers Engine offers a variety of tools and features, allowing you to pick and choose options suited to your industry, so you don’t pay for services you may never use.

Keep Your Costs Down

The Careers Engine is low maintenance, so large upkeep costs are not a factor for associations/groups. By offering two unique payment models, we ensure that the Careers Engine serves as a positive return on your investment, regardless of your industry’s size. Our payment options allow you to establish your upfront cost, level of risk, and annual revenue potential.

A Job Board that Works for You

Almost all content on any Careers Engine job portal is provided by employers and job seekers, which means there is very little maintenance required from the parent association/society/group. Any desired changes or enhancements can typically be implemented quickly by the association or the Careers Engine support team.

Features of The Careers Engine

Our developers are regularly improving and expanding on the Careers Engine to ensure it meets all the needs of our clients. The current features include:

  • Manage employers and their user accounts
  • Create & manage products, pricing, and content
  • View all current/pending job seekers & employers
  • Allow your employers to create and manage their own job postings
  • Provide a resume library to your employers
  • Communicate your business association/group brand

As with any Caorda product, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more on how the Careers Engine can help your association/society/group.