The Grocery App – Putting Advertising in Easy Reach

The Grocery App – Features:

  • Customizable application for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and tablets
  • Offers grocery and retail stores the ability to create affordable e-flyers
  • Adds a branded icon to the app pages of your clients
  • Keeps customers current on news and sales
  • Customers have instant access to store flyers, social media and news
  • Includes a comprehensive set of shopping tools

Going with a full mobile application like the Grocery App can really make a big impact: Example of the Grocery App enabled for Country Grocer:

An App for Everyone

Offers your customers a comprehensive shopping app and promote your store/sales. Now customers have the tools they need at the tips of their fingers. Users can write shopping lists, access a recipe library, get directions to a nearby store, and more! The Grocery App is fully customizable for your store, and modules can be removed or customized to fit your needs.

Connect With Your Customers

The Grocery App assists your customers with their shopping, but it also provides you with an easy way to connect with them. Use tools like Locations, Alerts, and Social Media to keep customers up-to-date on news, sales, and information for all your store locations.

  • Locations: Let customers know where all your store locations are, how to get to them, and when they’re open.
  • Alerts: Quickly alert your customers to store closures, recalled products, and other pressing news.
  • Tweets: Keep users informed of all your social media efforts. Start a conversation, keep them in the loop, or just connect customers to your online presence.

The Grocery App Features

The Grocery App is a comprehensive shopping tool that customers can access in seconds. With the Grocery App you can provide your customers with all the tools they need.

  • E-Flyers: Send out your sales with a Weekly Flyer, Mid-Week Deals, and Daily Deals
  • Home Store: Customers choose a home store, so you can send regional flyers
  • My List: Customers can quickly write and save detailed shopping lists
  • Locations: Provide a map to all your store locations with directions, store hours, and info
  • Alerts: Quickly inform your customers of store closures, recalled products, and other pressing news
  • Tweets: Put your store’s social media in your customers’ hands
  • Recipes: Provide your customers with an easy-to-access recipe library
  • Home Page: With clear icons and a simple interface, understanding the Grocery App is easy
  • App: Find yourself a spot in the iTunes App Store, and provide a helpful tool to your customers

E-Flyers – Inexpensive Outreach

The Grocery App lets you publish weekly, mid-week, and daily e-flyers. With the Grocery App, you can publish store flyers regularly without print or distribution costs. Not just cheaper, e-flyers are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional printed flyers and the ease of access makes them very effective. Reduced publishing costs makes regular e-flyers affordable for small businesses, while larger chain stores can save even more time and money.

Weekly Flyer

Your primary e-flyer. Weekly Flyer keeps your customers informed of every location’s weekly deals with a visually appealing, multi-page flyer. The Weekly Flyer is easy to flip through, and can accommodate a wide array of graphic designs.

Mid-Week and Daily Deals

Make a big impact with one bold page of deals. The Grocery App’s Mid-Week Deals will help you advertise store sales to work week shoppers. For fine control of pricing, the Grocery App’s Daily Deals will get the latest deals to your customers instantly, providing unique and current deals each day to drive your sales volume.

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