SEO Packages & Process

Each of our SEO Services Packages deliver the identical quality of service. The only differential is the effort (or budget) that is applied to the campaign. Depending on your goals and the level of competition in your market segment, we will pick the closest package that matches your needs. Then, we will execute your customized plan as necessary to reach your target results.

The SEO Audit

All of our SEO Services Packages must start with a forensic SEO Audit. This is the research and analysis phase of the program that will uncover all of the strategic areas of your website that are inhibiting you from attaining your Search Ranking goals.

The audit is akin to a visit to the mechanic. They don’t just dive in and start working on an issue which might be unrelated to your visit. They must run a combination of diagnostic tools and hand on, visual inspections before they can prioritize the work that needs to be performed. After their assessment, they sit down with you and discuss the findings. We work in exactly the same way. The SEO Audit establishes the foundation from which we prioritize issues discovered during the testing and analysis. We start work on the items that are the most serious and will deliver the quickest results.

SEO Audit Pricing

SEO Audit pricing is based on a combination of competitive market assessment, website size and SEO maturity.

$500 – $1,500*

* Prices vary based on project needs.

Ask us about our SEO Audits

Your SEO Audit will touch on the following and much more.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description Tags
  • Duplicate Content
  • Mobile Support
  • HTML Heading Tag Opportunities
  • Internal Pages Blocked by Robots.txt
  • External Linking to Respected Sources
  • Overuse of Internal Linking, Bolding & Keywords
  • Outdated Sitemap File
  • Pages Exclusively for SEO
  • Google Business Page (Local Search)
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Content (general)
  • Missing Alt Attribute Content
  • Missing Calls to Action (CTA) and Next Steps
  • Optimizing Blog Article Content
  • Post Titles & Internal Phrase Linking
  • Content Design & the User Experience
  • Content Testing (A/B) and CTA Use
  • Social Media Observations
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Google Search Console
  • And much, much more…


Our SEO Process

Every SEO client receives the same quality of service. The only variable that separates them is the volume of effort (or the available budget). That’s why our packages are designed to fit within nearly all budgets. 

SEO Site Audit

  • All campaigns start with an audit; there are no exceptions. This is necessary in order to establish a baseline of issues, traffic quality, and performance from which to measure our results. The audit also sets the initial task list of priority items. Similarly to how a doctor must assess a patient prior to offering diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • Following the audit, we sit down with you for a detailed presentation of our findings.
  • At this point, we determine which elements Caorda will manage and which items you might have resources for (blog posts, social media, promotion).

Initial Wave of SEO Implementation

  • The first 2-3 months of strategy implementation service require an elevated effort as we are often fixing issues that are high priority. We want to clear these out as quick as possible.
  • The end of each work period culminates with a detailed performance report including a summary of keyword performance and ‘next-phase’ action items.
  • You are in-the-loop at all times and our techs are always accessible.
  • We feel very strongly about you being informed every step of the way. If something is confusing or difficult to understand, speak up and we’d be happy to explain it to you. 

Ongoing Maintenance and Reporting

  • The mantra: Analyze the data, Update the strategy, Apply the updates.
  • This is the cycle of life for an SEO Campaign.
  • It can take several months for truly noticeable effects of our efforts, so it’s important to maintain a consistent process.
  • Our monthly process will ebb and flow across the various SEO service elements below. Some are a one time effort, while others require constant monitoring and updates.

SEO Services List

  •  The SEO Audit
  •  Online Strategy Review and Planning
  •  Deep Analysis of Current Site Issues & Warnings
  •  Discover the Top Keywords for Your Business
  •  Competitor Review and Clique Reports
  •  Refine Your Target Keyword List
  •  Page One Google Listings
  •  Draft & Optimize Site-Wide Description Content
  •  Draft & Optimize Homepage Content
  •  Optimize Top-Level Content
  •  Individual Review of Mobile and Tablet Needs
  •  Assistance with Microformats & Schema Markup
  •  Duplicate Content Checking
  •  Create & Optimize Google My Business Listing
  •  Full Analysis of Social Media Presence
  •  Optimize Content on Additional Pages
  •  PageSpeed Insights Review and Suggestions
  •  Implement Google Analytics
  •  Activate Google Webmaster Tools
  • Activate Google Search Console


For all SEO packages and services, you can be confident that Caorda will get you found and generate new interest in your business online, while always keeping industry best practices and current search engine guidelines in mind.

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