Availed Technologies

Availed Technologies is a growing Victoria-based company that produces solar LED enhanced signs that stand the the test of time and are reliable in varying weather conditions. Right as the Caorda team was coming back into the office from the holiday season, Greg, the owner of Availed Technologies, contacted us via email to see if we could transform his default WordPress website into a presence visually stunning that represented his business well.

The Challenge

We knew exactly what Greg needed – the use of his high quality images as a main feature. However, speed was of the essence as one of the company’s distributors had a trade show in mid-January. We leaped into action to create a new website. Greg had content ready for us, and was able to give us quick and effective feedback so our stride never slowed. The only hiccup we had was placing the website on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress environment, as we didn’t want nay unexpected problems to occur so close to the trade show date. However, we were able to host the site on our servers so the site was live for the event, and we were able to successfully migrate the site to GoDaddy the following week.

Our Solution

We decided to use WordPress for the website platform because of the client’s familiarity with the tool and for its ease of use. After tinkering with a one-page layout, we decided to follow a more traditional website structure (multiple pages) to allow for Availed to easily add more content as the business grows. We were able to accommodate Availed’s tight deadline—launching a day early—and provide a new look and feel to properly highlight its cool (and safe!) products.

Availed is growing fast, so keep an eye out for its LED enhanced traffic signs when you’re on the road!

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