Bring it Home 4 the Climate

Caorda has been great to work with, responsive, flexible, quick, helpful, and very professional. They reliably deliver on complex, tight-deadline projects that are wonderfully designed. The development process is smooth with insightful consultation that ensures the final product really shines. I highly recommend their services.

Teresa Lawson
Energy and GHG Reduction Client Services Representative


Wonderful team to work with!

Glenys Verhulst

Teresa Lawson, City Green Solutions

City Green Solutions is a non-profit focused on energy and water efficiency in homes and buildings.  They started working with Caorda in 2015 when we designed a site to help homeowners transition away from using oil heating in their homes.  Since that time we have worked with them on many other websites and initiatives such as the Clean BC Better Homes and Better Buildings sites.

They approached us again in the Spring of 2020 to help them with a new program they were working on for the Capital Regional District (CRD) – Bring It Home 4 Climate. This program supports community members in the CRD to improve their home energy efficiency and reduce their home carbon footprint.


The Challenge:

As with many of the City Green projects and programs, there is a lot of detailed information to display and many partners involved.  In this case, the project involved several municipalities: the CRD, the Government of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in addition to City Green.  The site needed to build awareness and educate homeowners on the opportunities for home energy improvements, then direct them to a variety of resources and programs as well as linking them to the financial rebates they could be eligible for.  It also needed to be flexible and easy to update for the City Green team so the latest information on rebates, new programs and workshops and other information on the site could be kept current and relevant.


The Solution:

City Green came prepared and had a pretty clear vision for how the site should be organized and the types of information that would be included.  This allowed our designer to get right to work creating a clean, easy to navigate site that effectively displayed all the required information.  Once the designs had been approved by all the partners our developers got to work building the site using an easy-to-use theme and builder to ensure that City Green would be able to easily keep the site up to date.  We made use of custom posts for the site as it provided a clear and easy to follow structure for the homeowners seeking the information as well as the team members updating the posts with the latest rebates, workshops, testimonials and resources.  Easy to follow forms and an accordion-style FAQ page rounded out the site along with images of projects that have happened in the CRD. 

The end-product is a beautiful and informative website that logically walks homeowners through a wide variety of options available to them to improve their home energy efficiency and even redeem incentives for completing their projects.

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