Chestnut Springs

To say I'm happy with Caorda would be an understatement. I go though my business life with the anticipation you ask for "Service, Quality and Price and Hope for two of the three". I came to Caorda by way of the work they had done for my Springs Group of companies. For Chestnut Springs we were living on a Go Daddy format, which was good, but not going to take us where we wanted to go with the time and minimal expertise I had. So, I felt like we were biting a pretty big bullet for a small company, but it was worth it in the end. Follow-up is great, and more importantly Trish displayed the correct balance of patience and nudging to get us to get her the information they needed to get the job completed. And in fact their input on framing the branding was invaluable.
Brock Rodgers, Owner, Chestnut Springs

Chestnut Springs started out with a bakery and cafe located in Yarrow along with a mobile catering service offering wood fired pizza or whole hog roasts from the back of antique trucks (yum!). The business is about to expand with the opening of their farm cidery and event venue on the farm where the hogs are raised.

The Challenge

The Chestnut Springs Bakery had its own website, which was due for a refresh. The mobile catering side of the business was under a separate brand – Farm to Forno – and also had a separate site. The catering businesses needed to be re-branded to Chestnut Springs Mobile Eatery to bring it under the company umbrella and the Chestnut Springs Farm Cidery wasn’t anywhere to be found on any of the sites. Chestnut Springs needed a new, cohesive site that represented all the different parts of the business and added functionality for visitors to check availability and reach out to book either a catering truck or the event venue.

The Solution

Our team started with a review of the separate sites and the information provided by the client on the new side of the business – the cidery, farm and event venue that even features Shepherd’s Hut accommodation. From there, our design team got to work creating a cohesive look and feel for the site that still allowed each part of the business to shine as a part of the “go-to for delicious food and memorable events in the Fraser Valley”.

Once the mockups for the home and inner pages were approved, our development team got to work building the new site and incorporating the new features. The new site is a beautiful visual representation of all the different parts of the business and provides the user with an easy-to-navigate place to find out about all the different parts of the business. Clear calls to action direct the user to the contact form to book the dates of their choice.

The site has been built to be scalable for the future as the business continues to grow as well as to allow Chestnut Springs to feature more photos and testimonials of all their successful events and delicious food!

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