CleanBC Better Homes and Better Buildings

We recently completed a new website for the Better Homes and Better Buildings project. This venture stemmed from the Province of British Columbia’s Clean BC initiative, which aims to improve the efficiency of buildings, reduce pollution from industry, and improve access to clean transportation.

Caorda was tasked with developing a strategic plan to gracefully split the Efficiency BC website into 2 distinct websites while also improving the design and user experience of these new properties. The first new branch was branded as Better Homes BC. This treasure trove of information focuses on new and existing residential homes, where an intuitive and responsive rebate search application allows users to quickly and easily find government rebates for completing energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. The second new property was branded Better Buildings BC. This project focused on both new and existing commercial buildings and detailed eligibility for a series of incentives, navigable through a similarly structured incentive search app. Both websites feature a user-friendly FAQ section, making the process of finding applicable rebates and incentives as easy as possible.

This was a really exciting project to be a part of, and building the incentive customer mobile app was super fun to build. This project brought together each corner of our team from custom development, design, digital marketing as well as the agile and efficient herding capabilities of our project management team.

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