Easter Seals British Columbia & Yukon

In March of 2018, one of our longest standing and most loved clients, Easter Seals BC/Yukon, reached out to us regarding their existing website. We discussed their concerns and current business goals over a few meetings and the rest is history. We were ecstatic to have another opportunity to work this this remarkable organization.

Who is Easter Seals British Columbia & Yukon?

The Easter Seals of British Columbia & The Yukon are an extraordinary society, providing life changing experiences for children living with physical, mental and developmental disabilities, as well as their families. As a services of the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities, the Easter Seals BC & Yukon organizes incredibly exciting fundraisers and maintains their incredibly popular Summer camps as well as the Easter Seals house in downtown Vancouver.

The Challenge

In 2017, the company board came to a decision to develop a new strategic plan to modernize their company structure in an evolving age of digital communication coupled with declining funding and facilities desperately in need of upgrades. A portion of this new strategic plan involved an upgrade to the website’s technology and support for mobile devices.

The website, at the time, provided a dated presentation with old school sliders and limited options on the homepage. But most importantly, the site was built prior to the dramatic surge in mobile internet use so it provided quite a challenging experience for anyone using a small screen device. It literally wasn’t mobile friendly or responsive, and that needed to change. They also felt that the presentation wasn’t engaging enough to showcase the amazing stories of the children and how their lives change during a visit to any Easter Seals facility. They felt the website had grown a bit ‘flat’ over time and needed something to communicate a moving and compelling story of their organization and the people they help.

The Solution

It’s no secret that Caorda really steps up for the Easter Seals and Lions Club organizations, so when Charlene Krepiakevich green-lighted our proposal it was go time! 

We’ve been building responsive, mobile-first websites for a good while now so we had the technology in place. Our challenge was to create an experience that showcased the organization’s new strategic direction both in web design and in development. It took a bit of time, working with the Easter Seals team, to develop a plan and design that perfectly met their criteria for a moving and engaging approach that featured the stories of the kids, first and foremost. The other focal point on the website were the incredible events that the group organized for and on-behalf of the kids. However, the other group of people that the website needed to speak to were potential donors, so we had fun developing a content design that spoke to the children and parents, as well as the general public looking to make a charitable donation to an amazing group.

We launched the completed website in March of 2019 and continue to work directly with Easter Seals of BC & Yukon to ensure their website and infrastructure remains engaging and up to date. 

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