EDS Group

Caorda was super pleased when EDS Group asked us to freshen up their website and re-organize the content for easier navigation. As an urban design firm, EDS knew the importance of putting forward the right first impression.

EDS Group Inc. specializes in environmental planning, urban design and landscape architecture. Since their inception in 2003, they have completed numerous projects across Canada. Their philosophy of sustainable development focuses on a careful balance between human use and environmental protection, and creating restorative experiences for both people and wildlife in these environments.

Caorda designed the original EDS website back in 2014, and while it still looked great, there were lots of opportunities for improvements. The website content has now been reduced for greater readability and the design has been updated with a modern approach. Spacious bands of information, larger images, and engaging sliders were implemented to help showcase EDS’s impressive portfolio of work, and to help convey the ‘natural’ feel, which all of their work centers around. The modernization was executed in a tasteful manner to keep with the clean, minimalist appeal of the existing brand.

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