First Light Technologies

With groundbreaking solar lighting technology manufactured right here in Victoria, BC, First Light Technology has been a valued Caorda client since 2017. Their skilled workshop of engineers produces adaptable, solar-powered lighting products for a wide range of pedestrian scale projects. Their installations are primarily focused on illuminating dark and unsafe public pathways through cities and parks using smart overhead solar lighting. They also develop and produce solar lit bollards, which cast light onto gardens and pathways from 3 feet off the ground. You can find First Light solar lighting projects installed over 30 countries.

They proudly source their materials locally whenever possible in order to ensure the high quality of their technology. This strategy ensures that they participate in local economies, improve sustainability, reduce carbon footprint, and make community spaces safer and more accessible to promote public health and recreation.

Caorda has had the pleasure of working with First Light on a number of projects, from website design to logo & brand updates, print marketing materials, social media graphics, and tradeshow presentation materials.

The Challenge

Back in 2017, First Light came to us with a vision to help develop their brand as a global leader in solar lighting design and technology. First Light was recently recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies and their existing website was in desperate need of a design update along with a number of functionality improvements. They had recently parted ways with another agency whom they felt were not taking them seriously and delaying the project. This is never fun and so we did our best to work with what they began to develop.

First Light wanted to re-invent themselves and, as they put it, ‘Un Suck Solar Lighting’, which had been stuck in traditional consumer markets including portable solar panels and Walmart-quality garden lighting.

The Solution

As mentioned, another agency had developed a decent design draft. We were able to work this wireframe instead of starting from scratch. We studied the new designs and collaborated frequently with the First Light marketing team in order to add our expertise to the new website. Soon we had created a fresh new vision and First Light was stoked!

The team shared how relieved they were and were admittedly nervous after their previous Web Agency experience. Not only is the new website in-line with the modern, clean vibe of their company, but it is also far easier to maintain using the WordPress content management system. It provides a far superior mobile experience and it is packed with an optimized layout to attract and retain web traffic. Take a look at some of their installations.

First Light really felt like we took them seriously and that we took the time to understand their long term branding goals and translated them into their new website. They said we had successfully ‘un-sucked solar’ for them. We were all pretty stoked to hear that. 

Since the site was launched, Caorda has continued to work regularly with First Light on various website updates along with a couple of changes to their brand coloring, and various print design projects. It’s been an absolute pleasure for us.

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