Philip Nyren Realty

Philip Nyren… Does that name sound familiar?

Until recently, Philip Nyren has been an established business owner in Victoria, owning Philip Nyren Menswear and Womenswear. The store closed in 2015 and Phil decided to pursue real estate as a full-time venture, as he has been buying, selling and developing real estate since 1981. Since 2014 Caorda has hosted, supported and provided SEO services for the Philip Nyren store website. With Philip’s new career, Caorda was approached in 2017 to create a newly designed website for the realty business.

The Challenge

Philip wanted a polished and professional looking website that provided a clean user experience and leveraged the “Philip Nyren” brand. Our goal was to provide an online presence that represented Philip’s high quality service offering, as well as highlighting the history of the store, dating back to 1923.

The Solution

Caorda got to work to bring Philip’s vision to reality. Along with a sleek, yet simple design, we knew creating an easy way of managing content and listings was absolutely essential. Our design team created a mockup of the listings page, and our developers brought it to life, enabling each listing to be easily navigated on mobile devices.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Philip and his team again, and look forward to supporting the new business with hosting, maintenance and support services!

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