Prime Mortgage Works

Pime Mortgage Works is a top-rated Victoria, BC mortgage broker specializing in first-time homebuyers offering extremely competitive mortgage rates. Callum Grieg has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry and has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage financing and home equity loans. 

The Challenge

Prime Mortgage Works owner, Callum Greig approached Caorda with a great company reputation (140+ 5 Star Google reviews and counting) but also a website that needed help. His website hadn’t been updated in many years and its ‘grey hair’ and ageing design were no longer a source of pride for the company. The foundation wasn’t mobile responsive and no longer represented the brand or quality of service that Prime Mortgage Works provides. Callum also was ready to offer visitors a new easy way to find the interest rate range they could expect for their new mortgage based on their income, employment status, and other factors. He knew it was time but he also knew the reputation that his domain and webpages have accumulated over the years and we needed to be prepared for this when delivering on all aspects of this project.

The Solution

The first step was to build a great transition plan for the previous site. was consistently on the first page of Google search results and we wanted to keep it that way. Caorda worked with Callum and his team to build a new site map and transition any content on his current site onto the new site. Anything that was too dated or out of place was redirected to new and relevant content. Google lives by the URL’s of websites and so every page name that changed in the new website would need a redirect put in place to preserve rankings, value and any links from other websites. This step is still overlooked in many new web developments.

The next step was to build an engaging design with clear calls to action. When users enter the website Callum wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to find the content relevant to them, whether they’re planning on buying their first home, renewing or refinancing. We had to ‘become’ their perfect customer when developing a focused homepage experience with only the most important and obvious touchpoints for visitors. With Callum’s expertise and customer knowledge, we developed very clear CTA’s to reach homeowners that needed rates on mortgages whether they are new, looking to refinance or renew an existing agreement.

One of the innovative elements of the website redesign was the built-in Rate Range system that lets users know what rate they can expect based on their specific situation. It also allows users to easily book an appointment with Callum once they find their rate so they can take the next steps. This newer, innovative tool encouraged visitors to experiment and spend more time on the websites, which is a great engagement signal to Google (providing you’re running Google Analytics). The tool is fully functional and intuitive on both mobile phones and desktop computers.

The websites launched with minimal fanfare and a perfect redirect plan. They lost no traffic and retained their previous status in the search engines. Their extensive Google Reviews continue to grow due to their intense care to attention for every client.

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