Select Mortgage

Select Mortgage Corp. is one of Caorda’s longest tenured clients, having started with us in 2005. Their last website had just celebrated its 9th birthday when things finally hit the wall. A redesign and content restructuring was long overdue.

The Challenge

The website was starting to look its age, having been last updated in 2007. The boxed layout kept a lot of the valuable content captive in a central region that wasn’t accounting for modern displays and resolutions. Its simple design took into consideration that broadband internet was still propagating and site speed was a concern at the time. This limited the use of vibrant imagery and design at the time. And, of course, mobile usage was nowhere near what it is now and that was a driving force towards the website refresh.

The Solution

Caorda developed a ground-up rebuild, focused on a ‘mobile first’ philosophy and incorporating a full-width desktop layout. Caorda’s design ninjas implemented some smart new web-fonts and crisp, engaging imagery. We redeveloped the site architecture with the Select Mortgage team using information gleaned from their visitor statistics. Caorda also integrated their extremely popular online tools and calculators into the new design with an updated user experience.

With a great team effort at Caorda and lots of involvement with the client, a vibrant new website was launched in May 2016. The new website has a completely new look, is fully responsive and generally looks pretty darn sharp! The response from the client and their visitors has been overwhelmingly positive both from a design perspective, but most importantly, from a usability and structure point of view.

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