Steller Architectural Consulting

We were delighted to work with Steller Consulting to create a new logo and website for this local Victoria company. Their goal was to have a simple website that showcased their project expertise and service breadth. The original logo (based on the steller jay bird) was created by the owner of Steller Consulting years ago, and it was paramount for the integrity of the logo to remain with the refresh. Our design team created multiple concepts based on the existing logo with a clear outlier to gauge the client’s reaction. We were thrilled when the outlying design was chosen as a winner, as it emphasizes the simplicity and elegance of Steller Consulting’s work.

After trying a few different website layouts, Caorda and Steller Consulting defined that a one-page design would best suit the company’s needs. They needed a website that was easy to navigate on various devices, and for users to simply scroll through the site to find what they were looking for. For projects to be showcased effectively, Caorda developed a custom tool that would allow the client to easily add new portfolio photos and descriptions.

It was fantastic to work with Eddie and Drew at Steller Consulting. We wish them all the best with their new brand and website!

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