Case Study


The amazing scientific team behind TrichAnalytics Inc realized that their laser ablation technology could be expanded from its use in scientific research to benefit the general public. This technology enables scientists to analyzes the macro mineral, trace mineral and toxic metal content in the body by testing hair follicles. They can then recommend changes to diet, lifestyle and supplementation regimes based on the results. A separate branch of the company was created, specifically focused on making this cutting-edge technology widely available – Theío Vitality. 


The Challenge

The challenge was how to make this complex technology simple to understand and access via an online shop and customer portal where users could purchase a hair analysis and then view their detailed results and report. It was very important to the Theío team that the site be very visually appealing and easy to navigate and that their clients were guided through the process of purchasing and then viewing their results. A large amount of scientific information about the different elements needed to be presented in a way that would be easy to understand and digest.

The database used to power the site and show client results also needed to be connected with the in-house systems used to perform the analysis and produce results so that the team would not have to spend extra time manually downloading information and then uploading results. There were also many considerations for managing data and privacy for the site as it needed to comply with the stricter rules in Europe, where Theío is based.


The Solution

The team at TrichAnalytics and Theío Vitality had done their homework and brought the Caorda team requirements for the new site as well as a detailed workflow of how information would be collected and presented at different points in the process.   They had also brought rough layouts for each page and step in the process, which made designing the new site much easier.

Caorda’s development team opted to build a custom web application in order to manage the complex workflow and link the site with the in-house systems. This involved building the purchase workflow, linking the site to the bank for payment processing, account management tools for site administrators and a robust client portal for viewing results and other information. All this needed to be presented in both English and French and be visually appealing, user friendly and easy to navigate.


The Result

The site, which has undergone a few styling updates since it first launched, is clean, modern and visually appealing. It uses beautiful photography chosen by the client along with clear and easy to read fonts in both French and English.

Caorda’s designers assisted with the creation of a custom wheel of elements to display the complex results from the hair analysis process. Colour-coding lets clients know at a glance whether their levels are normal, elevated or depleted, and clicking any of the elements provides additional information and guidance.

The back-end administration area of the site makes it straightforward for the Theío team to manage user accounts and upload results as well as to make simple content updates to the public facing parts of the site and application.

Caorda teamed up with Theio Vitality, lending our expertise in design, web development, and custom development. We’re excited about future collaborations and invite you to check out the awesome website we built for them!

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