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I had some serious concerns about our updated website and how it may impact our SEO rankings, which, thanks to Jade and the team, directly addressed all my concerns and the end result ended up increasing our rankings. Coupled with…
Ryan Mackey, Owner, Vancouver Brewery Tours

In early 2017, Ryan Mackay from Vancouver Brewery Tours (VBT) approached Caorda to migrate his Dot Net Nuke (DNN) website to WordPress. The main reason for the migration was to integrate tour booking software into the site, as the DNN platform wasn’t quite up to the challenge. Ryan got to know Caorda while working for DASH BC and enjoyed working with us so much that he contacted us when he launched his own company, Vancouver Brewery Tours. We’ve now hosted, supported and provided SEO expertise for Ryan and his business since 2014.

The Challenge

The initial plan for the 2017 project was a migration with some small design changes and integration of Zaui, the tour booking software. Since his old DNN website wasn’t keeping up with business needs, and Ryan needed a more flexible platform that would expand his tour offerings. The feeling totally mutually between us and VBT – we think Ryan and his company are absolutely fantastic – and we were stoked to help out with the platform improvements! The biggest concern was keeping the website’s search rankings intact, as the online presence had secured key search phrases.

The Solution

As we progressed with the migration, both VBT and Caorda were thrilled with the progress, and decided to add new design features like interactive photo galleries, an adjustable banner message, and a custom booking tool interface on the homepage in addition to Zaui’s default calendar view.

Just before launching the new website, our digital marketing team meticulously indexed all the existing pages and posts from the DNN site, and prepared redirects for a seamless transition to WordPress. After a smooth launch, we provided Google AdWords consulting and support to VBT to help optimize the company’s PPC advertising. Many months later, Ryan reached out expressing that “Jade and the team directly addressed all my concerns and the end result ended up increasing our rankings. Coupled with an effective Google ad campaign I could not be happier with how it all turned out.”

Thanks for being a great client, Ryan! We thoroughly enjoy working with you and can’t wait for future enhancements for your business. Cheers!

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