Springs Group

Since a humble beginning in 1981 with one of the first cold beer and wine stores in BC, Springs Group has become a local leader in neighborhood liquor stores and restaurant brew pubs. The company has eleven liquor stores, four restaurant brew pubs and one entertainment venue across Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Springs Group’s commitment is to establish strong connections, create a sense of community, and facilitate the enjoyment of ice-cold crafted beer. Sounds pretty good to us!

The Challenge

The company decided to brand itself as “Springs Group” so they could leverage a common brand across all of its liquor stores and restaurants.  Some locations had websites, but most did not. They were severely lacking a cohesive online presence and strategy. Springs Group was referred to Caorda, and invited Caorda to tour the various restaurants and pubs in Vancouver, and submit a proposal to create a website for Springs Group’s liquor stores. Having first-hand exposure to the Springs Group experience helped us determine what the company needed for a web presence. The rest is history, as Caorda was selected as the successful vendor. The biggest challenge was harnessing the organization’s locations and offerings, and creating a successful web presence showcasing the company as a whole.

The Solution

The first step was to get temporary websites in place for all the liquor stores. Their old websites had been afflicted by a hack, which sent a negative user impression when first viewing the sites. We got to work quickly, and within days we had developed six new WordPress sites to ensure each location had an immediate web presence. Next, our design team expertly researched the marketplace and turned the Springs Group brand into a stunning new website design. When the new site was ready to launch, our digital marketing team meticulously organized a transition plan for all the small liquor stores sites, so every indexed URL would be redirected to the appropriate location page to create a flawless user experience.

The end result was a custom-built WordPress website to differentiate the company from its competitors and appeal to its various target markets. The key focus is the engaging imagery, which implies connection and community – exactly what Springs Group is all about! Caorda was thrilled with the project and thoroughly enjoyed working with Springs Group to showcase its breadth and commitment to quality.

What’s next for Springs Group? We’ll give you a hint: you’ll need some food with your drinks.

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