10 Reasons to Consider a Spam Blocking Firewall Service

The return on investment for a spam firewall removal service depends on the amount of spam each user receives individually and how that adds up for the whole company. Rather than guessing at how much spam people may receive, we have ROI calculations using actual numbers taken directly from our spam firewalls.

How Does it Work?

It’s easy to make Caorda Spam Removal work for you: simply change your mail server record (the MX record) to point to our spam hardware devices. Once we configure our spam hardware devices to accept and forward your domain’s e-mail, messages will flow to us and on to you – free of spam and viruses. Screenshot of Caorda Spam Removal administration interface.


We want to show you that Caorda Spam Firewall can do wonders for your e-mail, which is why Caorda offers a complimentary 30 day trial. If you decide to keep the service, we’ll charge you $24 per year per mailbox. When you work that out, you’re looking at about 6 cents per day per mailbox for complete protection against spam and e-mail-borne viruses. Contact us for volume and government discounts. If you decide not to use our service, simply change your configuration back to the original and send us an e-mail so that we can remove your domain from our configuration. Please Contact Us to get started now.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Caorda Spam Removal Services

  1. Improve the efficiency of your staff by cleaning their inbox of unwanted e-mail messages.
  2. It’s easier to setup, configure and maintain than a dedicated in-house system. The setup process requires that you provide Caorda with your internal mail server’s IP address, while you make one simple change to the MX mail record – this will take less than 5 minutes to do.
  3. You can take advantage of large-scale dedicated spam and virus firewalls that are updated hourly with the latest virus and spam definitions.
  4. Security is increased as the location of your internal e-mail server is no longer known or available to anyone on the Internet. Your internal e-mail server can also be configured to solely accept incoming e-mails from the spam firewall – ensuring that all e-mail is checked before delivery.
  5. You get improved e-mail redundancy and delivery, as e-mail will queue up on the spam firewall in the event the internal e-mail server is unavailable. Once the internal e-mail server is running, e-mail is delivered.
  6. You can take advantage of primary and secondary MX records for better redundancy and fail-over (Caorda uses multiple spam firewalls).
  7. An organization can configure spam scoring and white and black lists at the domain level or the user level.
  8. Users are able to review quarantined e-mails, with options to accept or discard held messages.
  9. You can significantly reduce the load on the internal e-mail server with bandwidth requirements. On average, spam accounts for 90% of all email received by an organization. With Caorda Spam Removal, your bandwidth utilization is reduced as only valid e-mails are delivered.
  10. When you consider the additional cost, configuration and maintenance of a company owned and operated spam and virus services, Caorda Spam Removal is very cost-effective.

Return on Investment

The return on investment for a spam removal service depends on the amount of spam each user receives individually and how that adds up for the whole company. Rather than guessing at how much spam people may receive, we are providing an ROI using actual numbers taken directly from our spam firewalls.



Without a spam filter, 400 users would have received an average of 56 e-mails each (22,340 / 400) out of which only 8 emails would be legitimate (3,251/400). In other words, they would have received 48 spam messages for the day. Assuming it takes 5 seconds to deal with a spam message (opening, scanning and deleting the message) each user would spend approximately 240 seconds per day dealing with spam from your e-mail server.  240 seconds does not seem like much, however for a year it works out to 24.3 hours (365 days x 240 seconds).  Remember, spam never stops – it goes 24 x 7 x 365. Assuming the average salary for an office worker – complete with deductions, benefits, employer’s contributions, etc. adds up to $20/hour – the cost of using employees for spam removal comes to approximately $500 / year (24.3 hours x $20 per hour). On the other hand, the cost of automatic spam removal is $24 per user per year, which is about 20 times less than the cost of using your employees to remove spam. In other words, your ROI is approximately $480 per mail user per year! Which for a company with 20 e-mail users works out to be about $9,500.

Your Own Spam Solution

The other option is for a company to purchase a spam filter and put that in front of the organization’s e-mail server. The ROI for such a scenario, with 20 users looks something like this: 



For most companies, it does not actually pay to worry about spam and virus removal internally. Significant savings can be realized by using Caorda Spam Removal whether you are an individual or a company with 30 or more employees. Get started today with a free 30-day trial of Caorda Spam Removal Services.