Central 1 Credit Union:
Compensation Survey Web Application

In 2009, Central 1 – People Solutions approached Caorda Solutions with regard to creating a custom web application to replace a very manual and paper-based annual project. On an annual basis, Central1 – People Solutions sends out a survey to credit unions across Canada to gather data on salary structures. The survey encompasses executive and non-executive salaries as well as gathering general organizational information. 

The Old Manual System

The original survey consisted of 3 separate Excel worksheets incorporating multiple tabs. These tabs were segmented out for each credit union to complete.  The sheets were lengthy with some general tabs completed by all credit unions, and then a series of tabs for specific job positions. If the credit union had the job in question, they completed the tab.  The process was onerous for the credit unions as they needed to wade through a large number of sheets and for the most part, the data entry was not validated leaving the potential for errors and omissions.  After the survey sheets were returned, Central 1 had to complete a large job in terms of consolidating the vast amount of information. All the sheets had their respective data verified and then entered into an Access database. From there, results were compiled into a variety of reports. A shocking example of an inefficient use of time.

The New Cloud-Based, Automated System

The solution Caorda provided was to create an online survey tool that allows Central 1 to initiate a new survey on an annual basis. The survey tool maintains a database of respondents who are notified via email when the survey is online and ready to be completed.  Users have a secure login to access their survey. The survey is broken up into logical sections to collect the data required and credit unions are able to select applicable positions so that they only see and complete those jobs that are relevant to their operations.  Some fields have validation and warning messages if the data entered appears to be potentially problematic.  Data relevant to the credit union as a whole (contacts, address, asset size, etc.) are maintained year over year so while they can be updated, they do not need to be entered each year. The survey can be saved and returned to at a later time and the credit union explicitly indicates when the survey is complete which locks down their responses and indicates to Central 1 that they are done.

From an administration perspective, Central 1 has the ability to review completed surveys and update them if necessary (in the case of inaccurate answers).  All responses are stored in a database with a variety of extracts and reports available to allow data analysis and manipulation without any secondary data input.

The survey continues to evolve with additional functionality added on an annual basis to further refine the administrative capabilities and data collection.

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