BC Lions Society / Easter Seals

The BC Lions Society & Easter Seals is one of Caorda’s earliest clients. We developed and continue to host sites for their major events, including the Easter Seals Regatta, the Easter Seals 24hr Relay, Eagles in the City, Woman2Warrior, and Splash of Color.

The Challenge

The BC Lions needed innovative solutions that could keep up with their events. Not an easy task with events as diverse as Eagles in the City and the Easter Seals Regatta. Another challenge was appealing to multiple audiences, with events like the Easter Seals 24hr relay being hosted annually in Victoria, Vancouver, and the Okanagan. To meet the diverse needs of each site, Caorda had to be flexible enough to leverage common components like registration, fundraising, and donation, while preserving the spirit of each event.

The Solution

Caorda was able to develop specific tools, like the team roster organization for the 24hr relay, while preserving the core functionality of universal features like online fundraising and registration. With an eye to cohesion and individual design, Caorda ensured each event had its own brand while keeping the sites user-friendly for BC Lions employees. Caorda and the BC Lions society continue to work together. We provide regular upgrades and hosting for the Easter Seals Regatta, the Easter Seals 24hr Relay, Eagles in the City, Woman2Warrior Splash of Color, as well as the BC Lions site.

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BC Lions Society 24-Hour Relay

The BC Lions Society is one of Caorda’s original Clients.  We handle sites for several of their initiatives, including the Easter Seals Regatta, and Eagles In The City.

The Challenge

The 24 Hour Relay required a site that its employees could manage themselves, as well as a comprehensive registration tool for relays taking place in Victoria, Vancouver, and the Okanagan.

The Solution

To meet the Relay’s needs, Caorda designed an advanced, database-driven tool that allows online registration.  Team captains are able to organize their running roster, and participants are able to co-ordinate their funding efforts through online pledges and donations. To facilitate content management, the 24 Hour Relay team make use of Caorda Content.

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Caorda Solutions is a great company to work with. Not only are they fast and efficient, but everything is done with a smile! We started working with them on one website and now we're working with them on two... with the hopes to send more business their way any day now! We haven't been this happy with a web design company in a long time!


Jenny Hubbard
Event Manager, BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities

Approaching a web design business to build a new website can be an intimidating task, but at Caorda it is a warm and welcoming process.


Stephen Miller
President/CEO, British Columbia Lions Society