Lost Artistry Lash

If I could give Caorda 10 stars I would. They are absolutely phenomenal and go waaaaaay above and beyond the call of duty. I checked out pretty much every local company and just stumbled upon them last minute and am so thankful I did. Pete Dutka was our websites project manager and was absolutely incredible. His response rate way super fast, he had brilliant ideas and requested website changes were made almost instantly. This is of course with the help of his awesome team helping him (special shout out to Dave for the editing skills). I imagine all team members at Caorda follow these same skills and values but can only speak to those I have worked with. I was so impressed with Caordas website development that I purchased three months of their marketing plan with out hesitation. I only just started the marketing plan but things look very promising and I will update at the end of 3 months on the results. Thanks again Caorda for the unbelievable service. Highly recommend!

Carson Varney, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO), Lost Artistry Lash

Kaitlyn and Carson, a husband and wife team from Victoria, approached us with an interesting challenge – to help them with their new start-up, selling pre-fanned volume eyelash extensions online via an e-commerce site, targeting eyelash extension service providers across Canada and the U.S. Kaitlyn ran her own lash salon and had pin-pointed a need in the marketplace, and was looking for help capturing the opportunity. We at Caorda were definitely up for the challenge and lostartistrylash.com was born!

The Challenges & Solutions

Lost Artistry Lash was an existing brand but had no website, customer base, or national/international marketing. This came with many challenges, but Caorda’s team of web professionals are fully equipped to find the right solutions. Read below for more details on the challenges & solutions we had for this specific e-commerce project.

An Effective E-Commerce Website Design & Back-End

The first and largest challenge was to build an e-commerce website that would be effective in generating online sales. This meant that not only would the website need to look great, but the user interface would also have to be friendly enough to enable easy e-commerce transactions as smoothly as possible. On top of this, the site would need to have a back-end that was user-friendly enough to enable our clients at Lost Artistry Lash to manage online orders and their inventory effectively and efficiently. With our preferred content-management-system (CMS) of WordPress, along with their popular WooCommerce plug-in for e-commerce, the foundation was set. With great client input, the Caorda team created a gorgeous, functional design from scratch, including custom banners, retouching product photos, and optimizing images for site speed. The next step was to establish a digital marketing strategy to showcase Lost Artistry Lash to the world.

A Digital Marketing Plan That Generates Sales, Profitably

It’s one thing to have a great website go live, but relevant users will still need to learn about it and find it online. That’s where a solid digital marketing plan comes in. We knew that online search was an important area for any website, so we ensured that proper search-engine-optimization (SEO) techniques were implemented across the site prior to launch. When Caorda was given an ad-spend budget on top of that, we knew that a portion of that should go into testing Google Search Ads for even more online search exposure. This would ensure that anyone searching for keywords relevant to pre-fanned volume lashes would have a chance to discover Lost Artistry Lash. On top of SEO and Google Search Ads, we also developed digital marketing campaigns for Facebook/Instagram Ads (where we can actually target users by age, gender, relevant job titles, and more!), as well as a campaign for Google YouTube Video Ads (to help get the Lost Artistry Lash brand out there even more). We are happy to say that the first month’s results were a pleasant surprise to both Caorda and our client – surpassing expectations! Despite being completely new, Lost Artistry Lash was able to hit the 5-figure mark in sales within the first month of launching!

The Future for Lost Artistry Lash & Caorda

We are excited to see what the future holds for Lost Artistry and Caorda’s partnership. Although we have seen substantial success in the launch & first month of sales, we know there are still plenty of opportunities in the future. We look forward to helping Lost Artistry Lash grow even more this year and for years to come.

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