UVSS – Cinecenta Movie Administration System

The University of Victoria Student Society identified a real need to improve the movie and showtimes calendar offering on their existing website.

As a tandem project to parallel their new website, Caorda and UVSS collaborated on a custom development project that would solve several challenges while improving the overall experience of the calendar.

The Old Way

The original layout was starting to look very dated. A largely ‘table’ based layout with no real vim or vigour. Movie links landed on a 2-dimensional page containing a basic description. There were no trailers, ratings, reviews or any other relevant media or content. The info pages was a navigation dead-end forcing visitors to press ‘back’ to return to the calendar. It was a dull, dry experience. The administrative interface was extremely rudimentary and limiting for the editors.

The New Way

The new calendar feature developed by Caorda delivered a dynamic and rich experience incorporating vibrant imagery with a modern look and feel. The details page is packed with additional info such as upcoming films, links to several movie database sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. There are embedded trailers with links to other relevant media. The real gift was with the administrative interface.

The real gift was with the secure administrative interface. This allowed the editors to quickly add and update the movie calendar in a very structured and ordered manner. No HTML knowledge is needed and anyone with the right credentials could help manage the content on the calendar, keeping things fresh and current.

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