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Successful websites know that page one in Google search results for popular keyword phrases will bring them revenue from the marketing effort. Optimization of your website starts with a good strategy that is relevant to your market and continues as a persistent promotion of your business.

For example, if you run a specific type of company and want to show up at the top of results for searches related to your market, you'd need to find your relevant and most popular search phrases for your industry and adjust your website to focus on those terms.

It's a good bet you know some of the popular search terms already, but are you current with what people online are searching for? Once you do isolate current search phrases, where should they be used on your website? Caorda has the answers to your SEO questions and service needs.

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Start with Basic SEO & Grow As You Go

During the keyword review and selection process it should become clear that a successful market will have competitors. If you are running a store in a single city, competing in your local market could be much more successful vs. taking on national or international websites.

Using Google Places / Bing Local, website owners can now directly inform the search engines of the business location, service area, and other crucial details.

Even if your local business is capable of offering products and services beyond your local area, starting with SEO locally and building on that success can be a great way to get started when you don’t have the resources for a big push.

Caorda can help find the right balance of local industry backlinks and keyword phrases to get a strong position locally without abandoning ranking efforts for a larger market.

The diagram below shows how a successful search engine optimization campaign evolves.


The diagram below gives a good indication of how any successful search engine optimization campaign progresses.

SEO Services Progression Swirl


Achieve Your SEO Goals & Get Positive ROI with Caorda

The experienced SEO specialists at Caorda have performed successful internet marketing and effective search engine optimization for over 10 years. Plus, our web hosting, design, and other internet services create a large client base that keeps us informed on a wide range of current and future concerns.

SEO can be a tricky, time-consuming, and uncertain process if it is not something you are trained in. That's where Caorda comes in; we have you covered with our full suite of internet marketing services that will ensure you are pleased with your search engine results.

So give us a call and start achieving your internet marketing goals.

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